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Implement Social Selling at Scale to Generate Leads, Meetings and Deals


Using A Three-Phase Strategy, 90-Day Roadmap and ongoing strategic & technical support, Maverrik will start up, integrate or redevelop your social selling strategy, with the aim of building a sustainable pipeline.


Start with analysing your customer base by identifying prospects who need your product or service. Decipher how you can communicate your value proposition to them across social and digital channels.

The sales team will have a clear strategy and understanding of how to turn their LinkedIn engagement into sales opportunities and leads.


Teach sales teams how they can generate their own leads and opportunities using content. So prospects have a need for your product or service.

You will then learn direct messaging strategies that will get you into conversations with your prospects that results in more meetings.


The team will be able to build a consistent, sustainable sales pipeline through regular social selling activity.

Then you will learn how to follow up and keep your prospects warm through the sales process by using strategic nurturing until the deal is finalised.








By leveraging content that seeds the team’s Value Proposition, you will gain more attention and visibility. Once familiarity is created, we will then use connections and engagements to further influence the prospects’ decisions. This is followed by conversations to develop trust and a relationship.


X = Your Opportunity
Y = The Client’s Pain
Build your value proposition into a tool you can use to demonstrate your value. Without the value proposition you will find it hard to articulate and the prospect will struggle to understand the value you can deliver. This will allow for better communication and understanding between the sales team and your prospects.


Using engagement as the leading sales tool, The Seven Steps take a prospect from being completely unaware of your business to an informed sales meeting in 7 simple actions.

The Seven Steps increases connection acceptance rate by 150% and message replies by 200%, building a rapport with your prospects and keeping them warm regardless of how ready they are to buy.


The Velocity Enterprise training programme is a proven sales improvement system focusing on three phases which ensure rapid improvement in your team’s digital sales performance.


Introduction | Refining Your Value & Offering

An in-depth onboarding of the team’s current situation will be used to identify the team’s digital value proposition, their prospects’ pain points and the key accounts they will be targeting. The information gathered from this process will be used to create a training plan for the sales team, which will be a roadmap to build a successful, robust pipeline.


Workshops & Training

The team will run through four hours of intensive training which will be split over two workshops. The workshop aims to give the team fundamental LinkedIn knowledge, covering the essential elements of creating a LinkedIn profile that converts such as Sales Navigator, Profile Optimisation, Content, Connection Growth and Creating Organic Conversations with Target Prospects.

Once the four-hour workshop is completed, each attendee of the programme will be given a 20 minute 1:1 session to help ensure their profile and content is optimised.


Implementing Your 90 Day Roadmap
Targeted Actions for Key Accounts and Conversations

This is where the implementation begins, with the aim of building a culture of continuous sales improvement. To ensure this happens, the 90-day programme includes a live group training session running through pertinent issues that could be slowing down the team’s progress, improving the team’s effectiveness at selling overall.

On three separate days, the team will be given a 15-minute plan-of-action call, which will set the team up for success, establishing and maintaining a consistent social selling habit. In addition, the team will receive regular 1:1 support to review their social selling, content and conversation activity. Sales teams will also have further support with asset ideas and creation.



An hour-long company
training session each week

A regular team plan-of-action
(4 times a week)

Branded content created
by our in-house design team

Regular 1:1 support
from our strategy team

On-demand technical support

1:1 Design, Messaging
& Content support


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The programme is readily available for large corporate teams of up to 25 people. 

A Laptop/Desktop computer is preferred, alongside a secure internet connection for the 1:1 workshops and accessing LinkedIn.

Using a table system and through analysing posting, connections and meeting figures we can report on areas of success and improvement. An improvement which will be supported by our strategy team and reviewed in a regular team meeting. 

Selling bigger contracts, appealing to high-level executives and social selling as a team requires more than a plan of action and strategy. Velocity Enterprise isn’t about suiting your business to the plan of action, it’s creating a plan of action for your business whilst training your team as dependable social sellers. 

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