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Social Selling Workshops

Harness the power of LinkedIn

The majority of sales reps are using LinkedIn as a research tool and to send cold / spammy messages.

We train sales teams in a process which achieves more meetings and conversations so your team will hit targets and never cold pitch prospects again.



Maverrik’s proprietary methodology which combines the best of marketing with the best of sales, to refine your value proposition, strategy, and tactics to leverage digital platforms to achieve results 


  • Identify the accounts you want to target
  • Who are the decision-makers
  • Prospect tiering – pathways to conversation


  • Leverage Content – Create a ContentBias™
  • Appear within your targets feed
  • Develop trust and break down barriers
  • Increased inbound enquiries


  • Train your prospects to interact with you
  • Create organic two-way conversations
  • No cold pitching – No reputational damage
  • A conversation rate of 50% +


  • Arrange your first call
  • Higher show-up rate
  • Prospect is now in your sales process
  • A call built on an existing relationship

As a result of our training, participants increase in profile views and increase their content reach by 300%


Interactive Sessions

Our social selling workshops are a mix of training, live demos and implement-as-you-go activities, sessions can be customised for your objectives

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Following the interactive training every participant will have a 1:1 coaching session with a member of the Maverrik team to help them get started

Profile Audit & Action List

All particpants will receive a review of their LinkedIn profile and an action checklist to guide their implementation

We can customise social selling workshops to focus on particular components which are more relevant to your team.


  • Understanding your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Optimising your profile for visibility.
  • Making your account safe and secure.
  • Attracting traffic to your profile.
  • Avoiding LinkedIn Jail.


  • Content Success on LinkedIn.
  • Getting your content in front of clients.
  • Types of content.
  • Content Structure.
  • Using the right Hashtags.
  • How to create lead generation post.
  • Creating ContentBias™.


  • Seven Steps of Social Selling.
  • Getting connected to prospects.
  • Creating conversations.
  • How to book more meetings.
  • Sales Navigator Tutorial.


  • Creating a LinkedIn Event.
  • How to fill an event.
  • Event based follow up.


  • LinkedIn Stories.
  • Smart Links.


  • Building your Company Page.
  • Engaging your followers.
  • Growing the reach.


  • How to build your personal brand.
  • Going viral on LinkedIn.
  • Employee Advocacy.
  • Influencing through content.
  • Building your crowd.
  • Selling through influence.
trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

This is the second course I’ve done…

This is the second course I’ve done with Maverrik and I couldn’t be more impressed. Cutting edge content delivered in a relaxed, friendly way, by a genuinely caring and very likeable team. Several times I’ve felt I’ve got my money’s worth in just one session. I couldn’t recommend them any more. If you’re thinking about working with Maverrik, do it.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

Maverrik’s process and training helped…

Maverrik’s process and training helped me and my company get phone calls with potential clients. This was during lockdown.It worked really well Their process is relational, and non-pushy and I have found it extremely valuable for our business.
I would rate them 6 our of 5 stars if I could.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

Easy to follow and rapid impact

Brilliant straight forward teaching that us easy to follow even if you are not very IT savvy. The team are really helpful and everything is personalised to meet your particular interests. I started seeing the impact within 3 weeks or starting even though I could not put all the advice into practice immediately.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

A fantastic learning experience

I’ve been training with Dean and his team on the Accelerator course for a few months. It’s amazing value for money, in fact, it’s quite brilliant.

The results I am getting are really positive. The engagement that my profile now gets is superb, and the new business connections that I am making are really pleasing.

What I like the most is that Dean and his team, are obsessed with helping you win new business through Linkedin.

Their commitment to your success is something to behold.This is unlike any other training course I have ever been on. In fact, it’s the best training I have ever done in my 30 years in my industry.

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