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LinkedIn Marketing & Social Selling


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MAVERRIK is Europe’s largest independent Social Selling training & consultancy. Since 2014, we’ve trained more than 200,000 people and helped companies generate more than £200 million in new revenue directly attributed to social selling and LinkedIn marketing.

We understand the real challenges of leveraging social selling and social marketing to build brands and win new business. There isn’t a one-size fits-all approach that works for everyone.

Our business is wrapped around helping our clients meet their goals in a way which is repeatable, scalable and drives results. The best results come when learning is fun, training is practical and everyone is supported.

That’s what we do.

Who do we help?

Social Selling
for Sales Teams
for Marketers
LinkedIn for Thought Leaders
LinkedIn Employee Advocacy

Social Selling for Sales Teams

Our approach to Social Selling

Social Selling and LinkedIn Marketing outreach is a mindset shift for most sellers. It’s not the same as email or cold calling. It’s more relational and, for the most effective sellers, more strategic.

LinkedIn provides ease of access to millions of decision-makers, but just because you can reach them doesn’t mean they will respond.

Social Selling is a methodology to unlock those responses with tactical and relational LinkedIn sales outreach.

Here is what we cover:

LinkedIn Essentials

• Privacy, Analytics and Security
• Building your network
• How LinkedIn works
• The state of LinkedIn

Sales Navigator

• Creating Buyer Personas
• Finding leads and accounts
• Complex searches
• Account Maps
• Buyer Intent & Smart Links

Personal Branding for Sellers

• Using your profile to educate buyers
• 7 elements of successful profiles
• Selling with personality
• Posting content for leads
• Personal branding to increase

Social Selling

• Online Course
• Time management for social selling
• Tracking your success
• Outreach best practices
• Multi-channel outreach
• Voice and video outreach

LinkedIn for Marketers

Our approach to LinkedIn Marketing

We believe in an organic-first approach to LinkedIn marketing. There are a significant number of ways for marketers to increase reach, engagement and followership without paid ads.

However, we know that paid advertising on LinkedIn can scale with a successful organic approach.

We support our clients with models that fit who they target and what they sell. Leveraging LinkedIn the right way for leads and reach.

Here is what we cover:

Company Page

• Company Page Essentials
• Growing Followers
• Analytics and Features
• Managing multiple pages

Content Marketing

• Creating content for pages
• Driving engagement and reach
• Recommended content
• Optimising for the algorithm
• Driving traffic offsite
• LinkedIn Email Newsletters

Paid Ads and Organic Reach

• Advertising Essentials
• Influencer Ads
• Building an Ad funnel
• Aligning Ads with Sales Navigator

Lead Generation

• Lead Gen with LinkedIn Events
• Loaded polls to drive leads and reach
• Self-propelling content
• LinkedIn Audio events
• Managing the page inbox
• Organic lead forms

LinkedIn for Thought Leaders

Our approach to Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders can be a vital ally in reaching a target market. Having trusted, subject matter experts present on LinkedIn can open doors for your sales team.

Subject matter experts extend the reach and impact of your brand on your target market.

Thought Leaders within your business become key influencers on decision makers. This will shift customer preference towards your brand.

Here is what we cover:

Personal Branding

• Using your profile to educate
• 7 elements of successful profiles
• Your voice and personality
• Your key message
• Styling and formatting
• Content preferences
• Being authentic and consistent

Building Your Audience

• Your Ideal Audience
• Growing your network
• Growing your followers
• Joining the Influencer Club

Thought Leadership Content

• Thought Leadership Goals
• Optimising for the algorithm
• Creating your content plan
• Ideation of your content
• Content creation at pace
• Driving engagement and reach
• Content scheduling and structure

Building Your Authority

• Becoming a Top Voice
• Premium vs Sales Navigator
• Influencer Ads
• Podcasting / Speaking Opportunities

LinkedIn Employee Advocacy

Our approach to Employee Advocacy

You cannot beat the power of people. Mobilising your team to increase the visibility of your brand
is a cost effective way to reach a wider audience, via a trusted source.

Building an employee advocacy programme is not easy, it is essential that your team see the benefit for themselves and the company.

Employee advocacy is more than reposting corporate propaganda- it’s a way to leverage your own micro-influencers.

Here is what we cover:

Employee Profile Optimisation

• Using your profile to educate
• 7 elements of successful profiles
• Avoiding the super-slick.

Extending Reach With Content

• How to easily make your own content
• How to ensure your posts get seen
• Promotion vs Education Content
• Mixing you and your company posts
• Finding a schedule that works for you
• Making it fun to post on LinkedIn
• Going viral for the right reasons

Driving Traffic and Leads

• Turning profiles into traffic sources
• Running campaigns with people
• Blow out webinars with advocacy
• Running campaigns through profiles

Rewarding Adoption

• Why advocacy is important
• Creating Advocacy champions
• The gamification of adoption
• Creating lead tables
• Rewarding success

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