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LinkedIn for Thought Leaders

Workshop Information


The LinkedIn for Thought Leaders workshop is an essential aid for your sales team. Leveraging subject matter experts within your business to reach a target market. This workshop will outline how thought leaders within your business can become key influences on decision-makers, as well as the positive impact they can have on a business’s brand.

Through this one-day in-person or virtual training workshop, you will learn the stages of building a strong personal brand, how to grow your ideal audience, how to create engaging and consistent content, and how to build your authority on LinkedIn – all to shift customer preferences toward your brand.

LinkedIn-specific features will also be covered. Including becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice, Premium vs Sales Navigator, and Influencer Ads.



Book a call to outline the outcomes you want to achieve and determine how the workshop will be delivered.

All one-day workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person with the Maverrik team. Workshops can also be tailored to your schedule through a combination of virtual and in-person and split over multiple days if necessary.

Once the workshop is complete, there will be the option to book a refresher for the entire team or one-to-one individual sessions.


This workshop will help thought leaders develop content strategies that educate their audience and establish authority. Growing their network with the right people, optimising content for the LinkedIn algorithm, and driving engagement and reach. With these skills, they will help open doors for sales teams to reach virtual decision-makers.

Here is what we cover:

Personal Branding

• Using your profile to educate
• 7 elements of successful profiles
• Your voice and personality
• Your key message
• Styling and formatting
• Content preferences
• Being authentic and consistent

Building Your Audience

• Your Ideal Audience
• Growing your network
• Growing your followers
• Joining the Influencer Club

Thought Leadership Content

• Thought Leadership Goals
• Optimising for the algorithm
• Creating your content plan
• Ideation of your content
• Content creation at pace
• Driving engagement and reach
• Content scheduling and structure

Building Your Authority

• Becoming a Top Voice
• Premium vs Sales Navigator
• Influencer Ads
• Podcasting / Speaking Opportunities

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