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LinkedIn Employee Advocacy

Workshop Information


The LinkedIn Employee Advocacy workshop will mobilise your team to increase the visibility of your brand and reach a wider audience. To establish employees as a trusted source and move beyond reposting corporate employee propaganda. It will help your employees see the benefits for themselves and the company.

Through this one-day in-person or virtual training workshop, your employees will learn the steps to achieve an optimised profile, the formula for easy content generation, the difference between promotion and educational content, using this to drive traffic and leads, and why employee advocacy is important for everyone.

This workshop is a fun approach to the traditional employee advocacy program, taking into account individual personalities, tone, and style and learning how to align them with the company’s overall aim.



Book a call to outline the outcomes you want to achieve and determine how the workshop will be delivered.

All one-day workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person with the Maverrik team. Workshops can also be tailored to your schedule through a combination of virtual and in-person and split over multiple days if necessary.

Once the workshop is complete, there will be the option to book a refresher for the entire team or one-to-one individual sessions.


You will end this workshop with a renewed understanding of the benefits employee advocacy can deliver for both employees and the company. Instead of repetitive, copy-and-paste company posts, individual employees will have the tools and skills they need to create content that will go viral for the right reasons. Increasing brand visibility and easily incorporating content creation and posting into their schedules.

Here is what we cover:

Employee Profile Optimisation

• Using your profile to educate
• 7 elements of successful profiles
• Avoiding the super-slick.

Extending Reach With Content

• How to easily make your own content
• How to ensure your posts get seen
• Promotion vs Education Content
• Mixing you and your company posts
• Finding a schedule that works for you
• Making it fun to post on LinkedIn
• Going viral for the right reasons

Driving Traffic and Leads

• Turning profiles into traffic sources
• Running campaigns with people
• Blow out webinars with advocacy
• Running campaigns through profiles

Rewarding Adoption

• Why advocacy is important
• Creating Advocacy champions
• The gamification of adoption
• Creating lead tables
• Rewarding success

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