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Social Selling for
Sales Teams

Land new clients, boost your reach and sell more on LinkedIn without paid ads or pushy tactics

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How we help

We provide tailored programmes, dedicated social selling days, and workshops designed to guarantee teams achieve consistent success in acquiring new business on LinkedIn. Ensuring that teams of all sizes, from SMEs to corporate levels, effectively harness the power of LinkedIn to secure more meetings and acquire clients.

Virtual Workshops

We bring our expertise and strategies we implement into your business to achieve the results you want. Covering a wide range of marketing, sales and social selling topics.

Social Selling Day

Full training days available to upskill and develop a new business on LinkedIn in 90-days. Engaging prospects more effectively, reach more people through content and grow your following and engagement.


We work closely with your team to master strategic attracting, nurturing, and closing through social. Building a consistent and sustainable sales pipeline is crucial for long-term success

What we’ve achieved

Our Sales team training on LinkedIn isn’t just theory. It’s customised plans-of-action, that account for your goals on LinkedIn. Our largest single sales to date is £5M, so our proactive approach to training ensures your team book more meetings and land more clients of the highest calibre.

Our LinkedIn Sales team training is designed to elevate your team’s sales performance, establish thought leadership, and build a more profitable brand as a result. We focus on tangible results, such as securing significant and consistent new deals, LinkedIn profile growth, and generating substantial new revenue.

Account Mapping – Reach key decision makers in large companies

  • Attracting members with purchasing power
  • Showcasing value and removing objections
  • Booking more meetings with C-level executives

Employee Advocacy – Leverage LinkedIn to influence your target market

  • Expand brand reach across the platform
  • Dispell objections with social proof content
  • Raise your company pages reach, profile and performance

Book More Meetings – Double the performance of your teams outreach 

  • More calls with relevant, hot leads
  • Productive calls with educated buyers
  • Consistently fill diaries using personal outreach methods 


Yes, we offer one-off and ongoing sessions with our team of marketing and sales experts. Just book a call with our team to discuss your specific needs and goals.

We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and if there is scope for us to achieve results we’ll review and create a plan to achieve those goals with you. We have a range of experts available and can arrange with partners

If you take our methodology onboard, follow the steps and refine your approach you’ll receive results in 90 days.

Our training, guides and worksheets are specifically designed for LinkedIn. The mindset and approach can be transferred onto other platforms, but the results will vary depending on the platforms algorithm and audience.

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