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Social Selling for Sales Teams

Workshop Information


The Social Selling for Sales Teams workshop will teach sales teams how to effectively and strategically find, nurture, and close deals with prospects on LinkedIn. This workshop is designed for sales teams that want to learn how to utilise LinkedIn for lead generation, content creation, and tracking social selling success.

Through this one-day in-person or virtual training workshop, your team will learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn, including network building, profile optimisation, posting content for leads, personal branding to increase response rates, effective use of Sales Navigator, and best social selling practices.

Your team will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of buyer personas and outreach, and then apply it to their prospecting activity on LinkedIn. As well as this, your team will develop new skills in the methods of social selling needed for effective LinkedIn sales outreach.


Book a call to outline the outcomes you want to achieve and determine how the workshop will be delivered.

All one-day workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person with the Maverrik team. Workshops can also be tailored to your schedule through a combination of virtual and in-person. Split over multiple days if necessary.

Once the workshop is complete, there will be the option to book a refresher for the entire team or one-to-one individual sessions.


By the end of this workshop, your team will have an in-depth understanding of LinkedIn, be prepared to create lead-generating content that also builds personal brand, and know the best practices for using Sales Navigator. They will have the skills necessary to reach vital decision-makers and develop a sales-winning rapport with them.

Here is what we cover:

LinkedIn Essentials

• Privacy, Analytics and Security
• Building your network
• How LinkedIn works
• The state of LinkedIn

Sales Navigator

• Creating Buyer Personas
• Finding leads and accounts
• Complex searches
• Account Maps
• Buyer Intent & Smart Links

Personal Branding for Sellers

• Using your profile to educate buyers
• 7 elements of successful profiles
• Selling with personality
• Posting content for leads
• Personal branding to increase

Social Selling

• Online Course
• Time management for social selling
• Tracking your success
• Outreach best practices
• Multi-channel outreach
• Voice and video outreach

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