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LinkedIn for Marketers

Workshop Information


The LinkedIn for Marketers workshop is designed to give marketers what they need to take an organic-first approach to LinkedIn marketing. This workshop will cover the various ways marketers can use LinkedIn to increase reach, engagement, and followership without paid ads.

Through this one-day in-person or virtual training workshop, your marketing team will be guided through everything they need to know about LinkedIn company pages, content marketing, ads, organic reach, and lead generation. Going beyond content creation skills, this workshop also includes advertising essentials, building an ad funnel, and aligning ads with Sales Navigator.

This workshop helps marketers use models that match who they aim to reach and what they sell. It shows how to use LinkedIn effectively to generate leads and expand reach.



Book a call to outline the outcomes you want to achieve and determine how the workshop will be delivered.

All one-day workshops can be delivered virtually or in-person with the Maverrik team. Workshops can also be tailored to your schedule through a combination of virtual and in-person and split over multiple days if necessary.

Once the workshop is complete, there will be the option to book a refresher for the entire team or one-to-one individual sessions.


Your marketing team will walk away from this workshop with the skills they need to grow a following, manage multiple pages, utilise analytics for effective content creation, various methods of content creation, and how to create lead-generating content. In addition, you will have a better understanding of using ads on LinkedIn while still maintaining an organic-first approach.

Here is what we cover:

Company Page

• Company Page Essentials
• Growing Followers
• Analytics and Features
• Managing multiple pages

Content Marketing

• Creating content for pages
• Driving engagement and reach
• Recommended content
• Optimising for the algorithm
• Driving traffic offsite
• LinkedIn Email Newsletters

Paid Ads and Organic Reach

• Advertising Essentials
• Influencer Ads
• Building an Ad funnel
• Aligning Ads with Sales Navigator

Lead Generation

• Lead Gen with LinkedIn Events
• Loaded polls to drive leads and reach
• Self-propelling content
• LinkedIn Audio events
• Managing the page inbox
• Organic lead forms

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