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The One Million Mission

Our mission is to equip one million businesses

to get clients to grow faster & spend less time selling

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Global leaders in Social Selling

Founded in 2014 by Dean Seddon with the vision to equip one million businesses to get clients, grow faster and spend less time selling

Our courses, coaching, and consultancy services equip over 2,500 businesses and 50,000 business professionals around the world on a monthly basis. With offices in the UK, United States and Europe.

Get Clients, Grow Faster and Spend Less Time Selling

We provide courses, coaching and consultancy that equip people with the tools, methods and strategies they need to get clients, grow faster and spend less time selling.

Solopreneurs – leverage personal brand and social selling to build an awesome business. 

Sales Teams – Sell more, sell faster, sell better, by harnessing social selling to hit their targets. 

Senior Leaders – Leverage thought leadership, build their personal brand and extend the reach of the companies they represent.

We do this through proven structured methods that are, Organic, Authentic, Human Without playing a numbers game. 

If you are a…

Small Business Owner, Sales Leader or a Senior Executive, schedule a call with the Maverrik team to start your journey and leverage your online presence to success.

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Bring our insights, know-how and expertise to your next event, podcast or sales kick-off with our list of experienced coaches and speakers.

Make Your First 10K on Social Media

Get a proven strategy to consistently hit 10k+ monthly revenue. Get leads and clients weekly with examples, tips and tricks for converting prospects into paying clients.

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