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Dean Seddon TED Talk

Dean Seddon

Founder of Maverrik

Dean founded Maverrik (then called Maverick) in 2014 as a consultancy and business development company.

Having delivered growth in several small and large businesses, he embarked on building an organisation which would help businesses cut through the fog and grow people, sales and profit. 

Dean is a practical, hands-on business speaker and trainer. Supported by the Maverrik team, Dean speaks at over 100 events per year, consults with large and small businesses across the world and is passionate about getting results for people.

Vasco Maverrik

Vasco Botelho

Vice President EMEA

Terry Maverrik

Terry Heath

Director of Training
Dylane Maverrik

Dylane Bellini

Head of MAVDigital

Kurtis Maverrik

Kurtis Cheah

Business Development Director

Josh Maverrik

Josh Ramirez

Business Development Executive

India Bierton

Business Development Executive

Dave Meet the team

Dave Falkner

Growth Development Director

Martin Maverrik

Martin Ellis

Commercial Director

Maverrik Daniella
Daniella Hingston
Head of Managed Services
Hayley Maverrik
Hayley Matthews
Head of Programmes & Events
Luke Maverrik

Luke Tew

Head of Digital Media

Louise Maverrik

Louise Seddon

Head of People
Alex Maverrik

Alex Harwood

Head of Technology

Abby May Maverrik

Abby-May Falkner

Social Media Manager
James Maverrik

James Smith

Graphic Designer

Skye Maverrik

Skye Walshe-Winwood

Editor in Chief
Charlotte Maverrik

Charlotte Hawken

Social Media Strategist

Maverrik Lauren

Lauren Mortimore

Head of Client Services
Imogen Maverrik

Imogen Woolnough

Business Development Representative

Emily Steer

Social Media Account Manager

Mary-Jane Lewis

Social Media Account Manager

Emily Harper-Roberts

Social Media Account Manager

Rosheen Brunt

Social Media Account Manager

Lucy Maverrik

Lucy O’Callaghan

Finance Manager
Larry Maverrik

Larry Jones

Print Finisher

Leon Maverrik
Leon Seddon

Customer Service Apprentice

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