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Social Selling for
Solopreneurs & Business Owners

Land new clients, boost your reach and sell more on LinkedIn without paid ads or pushy tactics

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How we help

Guides, courses and coaching give you everything you need to win business on the platform. These resources can be implemented as part of a coaching programme or in your own time.

Whether you lean towards a structured coaching program or prefer the freedom of self-paced learning, we have the resources to adapt to your specific needs.

Growth Titans

Our Weekly Growth Titan Newsletter with practical tips and tricks. A video training, template or tactic to help you each week.

Six-Figure LinkedIn

Six-Figure LinkedIn is our most in-depth LinkedIn training programme showing you the exact method for winning new business on LinkedIn and scaling those methods to generate six-figure revenue.

Accelerator Programme

Live coaching, a range of online worksheets, and full training courses. Get new clients,  fill your sales pipeline and grow your business. Resulting in consistent results, no up and down months, no matter what your experience.

What we’ve achieved

With our LinkedIn training we’ve generated over £5M in new business for companies of all sizes. We specialise in showcasing expertise, marketing service-based businesses, and winning clients for coaches and consultants. If you want to sell your expertise, showcase your service or scale using social media we will get you there.

Working with us will ensure your content, message and network all work towards the goal of winning business and establishing yourself on LinkedIn. Dedicated to only delivering training that is up-to-date, effective and simple in execution. Being part of our community of sales and marketing experts means you won’t get left behind on LinkedIn. You will achieve results.

Coaches and consultants 

We’ll propel your reach on LinkedIn to influence high-paying clients who need you

  • Showcase your expertise for maximum reach
  • Develop a network of leading industry professionals
  • Book more meetings and land high-value clients 

Service-based sellers 

We’ll shape your service as the pinnacle of the industry on LinkedIn. 

  • Develop your can’t miss sales message
  • Elevate your service above the competition on LinkedIn
  • Generate a robust pipeline of leads to scale your business 


We’ll show you how to generate a fanbase hooked on your message

  • Crafting unmissable viral content
  • Sharpening your tone-of-voice to inspire action
  • Generate more speaking or publishing opportunities


Yes, we offer one-off and ongoing sessions with our team of marketing and sales experts. Just book a call with our team to discuss your specific needs and goals.

We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and if there is scope for us to achieve results we’ll review and create a plan to achieve those goals with you. We have a range of experts available and can arrange with partners

If you take our methodology onboard, follow the steps and refine your approach you’ll receive results in 90 days.

Our training, guides and worksheets are specifically designed for LinkedIn. The mindset and approach can be transferred onto other platforms, but the results will vary depending on the platforms algorithm and audience.

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