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LinkedIn from Scratch: How I’d get to £10k revenue FAST

Starting out on LinkedIn from scratch in 2023 can be daunting. You’re about to discover a golden roadmap to £10k in revenue – and faster than you might think.

Ready to dive in?

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1. The Golden Offer

If I were to start from scratch today, I wouldn’t dabble in countless small offers. No, I’d anchor on a single high-ticket item. Think about something you’re incredible at, an outcome that many desire but struggle to achieve. Price it in the £2k-£4k range. This isn’t about being greedy; it’s about valuing your expertise. And remember, you’re speaking to a very defined audience here. They’re searching for this precise value.

One clear offer, that helps an audience reach a defined outcome.

For me to hit £10k in revenue, assuming I have a £2.5k offer, I need 4 new customers each month.

If I zero in on my topics and the specific outcome and problem I solve, this is way easier to achieve than being broad and trying to sell multiple things to different decision makers.

Once I’ve settled the who, what and why they need me. I’d flip my profile so it speaks just to them. I make it very clear who I help and why on my profile.

2. Networking Like a Pro

Rather than mindlessly sending connection requests, I’d focus on 20 a day. But not just any 20 – the ones who are the perfect fit for my offer. Engage with them. Pop into their DMs with value, comment on their content, and make genuine connections. Tools like Sales Navigator can be your best friend here, pinpointing those actively posting.

It might be slow at first, but growing your network each day will fill your profile with prospects for the long term.

Connecting at 20 people per day, even with a very low connection acceptance rate, you’ll gain 100 people per month. You need a 4% conversion per month to bit your goals.

3. Leverage Live Interactions

You’re brimming with expertise, so why not share it? I’d kick off monthly audio and live events. The key? Give immense value around the topic of your offer, and towards the end, present your offer with a clear Call To Action. As your network expands, consider going weekly. Familiarity breeds trust.

There’s nothing like leveraging your expertise to help you sell. For hundreds of years education has been a powerful sales tool. The key is to make sure you live events connect with your offer and the event title itself is a signal of buying intent.

If people opt in you know they are likely interested in achieving the outcome of your offer.

If I get 50 people to register for my events, I’ll pick up 4 clients each time. In the 30 days following my live event, 10 of those people will come onto a discovery call with me.

I know this, because I do this right now. I pull in 150+ discovery calls per month right now.

4. The Art of the Follow-up

After your events, reach out to every registrant. Remember, they’re not buying your knowledge – they’re investing in your proven system. The internet’s flooded with information, but execution? That’s the real challenge. Be persistent; sometimes, it might take 3 or 4 follow-ups. That’s okay. Persistence pays.

This is where the majority of people fall down. They either don’t do it or don’t make their follow up of any value.

Many would think, isn’t following up 3-4 times pestering. Well, yes and no. Typically half the emails we receive we don’t read, so we have to factor in that many emails are never read or opened. The key is not to send empty follow ups or chase up without any value for the recipient.

Even the most interested prospects may go cold. I shoot for a 40% conversion on proposals and discovery calls. This means 4/10 people become clients.

The great part is, because you’re focused, you can be more consistent in your follow up message and you’ll learn how to run a successful call more quickly. Selling multiple things might seem good, but it’s hard to improve when every call, proposal or client outcome is wildly different.

5. Content is important, but it isn’t King

Post content daily. Share your story, sprinkle in practical advice, and occasionally, plug your offer. However, be wary of putting all your eggs in the content basket. LinkedIn’s algorithm can be unpredictable, but the relationships you form? Those are evergreen.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that content should be your main focus. If you do that, essentially you are trying to build an attract model of marketing. Good luck with that, it’s much desired, but it’s like the holy grail of marketing. In reality, every business needs a mix of inbound and outbound.

I use my content to help me create awareness and build trust. Of course, I get leads, but this is more a result of being consistent for a long period of time.

Believe me, pursuing the attract model might be more desirable, but the odds of building your platform to the point where it can bring you qualified leads in the volume that gives you sufficient revenue is slim.

The other thing to consider too is that, even if you do get to that point, you’ll have to work like a dog to keep it and do battle with every algorithm change that comes your way.

Content is good, but it’s only part of the process.

Over time, you will pick up inbound leads from your content. I get a couple every day now, but it might start and one or two per month. As you grow your network that volume will increase.

But, like I said, it does fluctuate and isn’t predictable. So, let’s not bank on them.

6. Build An Email Empire

Your LinkedIn network is a goldmine, but to truly ‘algorithm-proof’ your business, grow an email list. Offer value-packed lead magnets, build an opt-in list, and nurture those connections for the long haul. It’s your direct line to your target audience, no algorithm required.

Let’s face it, not everyone will be ready to buy right now, having an email list allows you to nurture people for the future.

My email list whilst only small was full of people who had experienced value from me previously. So, the trust was there. During the COVID lockdowns, when my in-person events were killed off, my email list sustained my business. I got through two years living off my list.

Every week I share three emails, one filled with value, one offering a discovery call and one almost a roundup style newsletter.

By embarking on this LinkedIn from scratch journey, you’re achieving a powerful trio:

1. Creating mass awareness.

2. Establishing trust and authority.

3. Attracting those eager to harness the outcomes you deliver.

And the best part?

Anyone can do this.

That’s how I’d start from scratch on LinkedIn in 2023.


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