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Maverrik’s Sales Navigator Training will guide you and your team through the tools and strategy that you need to deploy in order to engage your prospects, create meaningful conversations and book more meetings.

Find and Profile

The most active prospects

3 – 4 Touch-Point Interactions

To build a relationship and book a meeting

Why Use Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is more than just an advanced filtering tool. The platform offers features that can revamp a sales team’s social selling activity. It doesn’t just win you more business either, it strengthens your leads through better targeting, account mapping and activity management. When salespeople use LinkedIn, they have, on average, +17% higher win rates when saving leads to Sales Navigator. Helping you and your sales team talk to the right people who are genuinely interested in your business.

Keep track of important changes within your leads

Understanding your prospects is the first step to building a relationship with them. Sales Navigator doesn’t just offer you a name and company. You can keep track of career changes, key industry information and newsworthy moments within a company you are looking to connect with. Unlocking this important information could drastically change how you and your team approach a client. Making the difference between a new meeting booked or another lost opportunity. 

Find and Engage with keen prospects

If you find your actions on Sales Navigator only reach cold prospects who aren’t ready for a conversation you need to redefine how you’re using Sales Navigator to engage with your prospects. Leverage your feed, Smart Links, Inmails and Teamlink using our method, which will show you how to spot and target prospects who are eager to learn more about your business. Inspiring them to take action, and talk with you and your team. Leading to booked meeting with a potential client.

Establish a real presence within a targeted company

Reaching CEO’s of corporate companies can be a lengthy process, which doesn’t always work without the right approach. You need to be front of mind within an entire company if you stand a chance of creating a genuine conversation. Using Account Mapping, a process we’ve refined using the Sales Navigator account mapping tools, you can strategically connect, engage and establish a presence within a company. A process that shows you the right people to connect and engage with to scale the corporate ladder and book a meeting with the CEO.

Leverage Sales Navigator Tools

The tools provided with Sales Navigator are LinkedIn’s most powerful features for sales success. But, most members barely scratch the surface of their capabilities. Missing out on key prospecting areas that make the service the powerhouse it is for salespeople globally.

Find your target prospects and companies faster

LinkedIn is home to millions of LinkedIn users and companies, and your target audience is a part of these. You can waste countless hours searching for the right people to connect with. Without the right method, however, this could be extra hours you and your team are wasting each day. Stop wasting your energy reviewing lists of the wrong people and learn how to find the right people.

Search filters, account mapping, & engagement tools

are underutilised as prospecting tools. Our training sessions will guide you through these tools, showing you how to leverage them alongside your sales process. Streamlining your prospecting. 

Sales Development

Navigator prospecting tools make it simple to secure and direct SQL ready leads. Identify, engage and connect with promising leads, creating a natural introduction for your sales team.

Business Development

Identify new business opportunities using Navigator features designed to help you reach the right people at the right time. Leading to growth, new market potential and B2B relationships.

Enterprise Sales

Cultivate your presence within established companies. Our strategy will help you link key threads to reach top-level executives for more lucrative sales opportunities.


Help your team perform better on LinkedIn. With focused and productive actions to build a functioning pipeline. Learn how to review progress and potential using Sales Navigators tracking and metrics.







Who We’ve Trained


The Seven Steps is Maverrik’s proven method of using social selling to win new clients on LinkedIn. Engaging with them throughout the process and landing them directly into a sales call with you or your team. Using engagement as the leading sales tool The Seven Steps take a prospect from being completely unaware of your business to an informed sales meeting in 7 simple actions. 

The Seven Steps increases connection acceptance rate by 150% and message replies by 200% Building a rapport with your prospects and keeping them warm regardless of how ready they are to buy. 

This process has worked for sales directors, business developers and corporate executives. It is one of our most powerful tools for selling on LinkedIn.


The Social Selling Index is LinkedIn’s method of tracking social selling activity on the platform. Maverrik’s Social Selling tracker takes things a step further. Outlining your process which takes each prospect to the next level using the 7 Steps

Our training sessions will give you a simple tracking system that will guide you and your team through your next steps with every prospect. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator SSI Score Image

We can customise workshops to focus on particular components which are more relevant to your team.


  • Understanding your LinkedIn Profile.
  • Optimising your profile for visibility.
  • Making your account safe and secure.
  • Attracting traffic to your profile.
  • Avoiding LinkedIn Jail.


  • Content Success on LinkedIn.
  • Getting your content in front of clients.
  • Types of content.
  • Content Structure.
  • Using the right Hashtags.
  • How to create lead generation post.
  • Creating ContentBias™.


  • Seven Steps of Social Selling.
  • Getting connected to prospects.
  • Creating conversations.
  • How to book more meetings.
  • Sales Navigator Tutorial.


  • Creating a LinkedIn Event.
  • How to fill an event.
  • Event based follow up.


  • LinkedIn Stories.
  • Smart Links.


  • Building your Company Page.
  • Engaging your followers.
  • Growing the reach.


  • How to build your personal brand.
  • Going viral on LinkedIn.
  • Employee Advocacy.
  • Influencing through content.
  • Building your crowd.
  • Selling through influence.


LinkedIn Elite Programme


Sales Navigator Workshop


Sales Navigator Training Day


Sales Navigator Workshop


Sales Navigator Training Day

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

This is the second course I’ve done…

This is the second course I’ve done with Maverrik and I couldn’t be more impressed. Cutting edge content delivered in a relaxed, friendly way, by a genuinely caring and very likeable team. Several times I’ve felt I’ve got my money’s worth in just one session. I couldn’t recommend them any more. If you’re thinking about working with Maverrik, do it.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

Maverrik’s process and training helped…

Maverrik’s process and training helped me and my company get phone calls with potential clients. This was during lockdown.It worked really well Their process is relational, and non-pushy and I have found it extremely valuable for our business.
I would rate them 6 our of 5 stars if I could.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

Easy to follow and rapid impact

Brilliant straight forward teaching that us easy to follow even if you are not very IT savvy. The team are really helpful and everything is personalised to meet your particular interests. I started seeing the impact within 3 weeks or starting even though I could not put all the advice into practice immediately.

trustpilot stars linkedin training social selling programmes

A fantastic learning experience

I’ve been training with Dean and his team on the Accelerator course for a few months. It’s amazing value for money, in fact, it’s quite brilliant.

The results I am getting are really positive. The engagement that my profile now gets is superb, and the new business connections that I am making are really pleasing.

What I like the most is that Dean and his team, are obsessed with helping you win new business through Linkedin.

Their commitment to your success is something to behold.This is unlike any other training course I have ever been on. In fact, it’s the best training I have ever done in my 30 years in my industry.


You will need to have access to LinkedIn via a laptop or desktop computer, plus an active LinkedIn account with an active Sales Navigator subscription.

For individuals, sessions can take up to 4 hours long, broken into two sessions. Workshops for sales teams will be one complete training day. We will ensure you and your team’s questions, thoughts and fears will be answered. Leaving you with the knowledge to use Sales Navigator to win new business.

Our strategies and training can be implemented on the Professional Sales Navigator subscription, but we recommend sales teams have a Sales Navigator Teams account to make full use of those navigator tools. For Individuals, the Professional Subscription is enough to implement our training.

Using our training our clients have closed clients within the same month, but it will depend on your service and offering. For larger contracts, you will need to implement our longer-term strategy to help you develop a relationship with that prospect. 

Sales Navigator is where salespeople go if they want to prospect on social media. The basic prospecting features on LinkedIn are extremely limited in comparison to Sales Navigator. LinkedIn has stated, when salespeople use the platform, on average they have:

+17% higher win rates when saving leads to Sales Navigator

+42% larger deal sizes when using Sales Navigator to connect with decision-makers

+15% more pipeline when using Sales Navigator to find customers

Making the premium sales tool, and the salespeople using these tools, marginally more successful than the basic user. 

The success rate of cold calling sits at about 1.5%, whereas social selling sees a dramatic increase in success. Harder to quantify, but for every 100 prospects, you can land at least 10-15 new clients over the 1 client you will receive from cold calling. Social selling in practice also opens up far greater opportunities for future business, by generating beneficial business relationships. 

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