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Social Selling for
Senior Executives

Land new clients, boost your reach and sell more on LinkedIn without paid ads or pushy tactics

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Maverrik Social Selling

How we help

Building and elevating influence as a subject matter expert has never been more important. With our Social Selling training, leaders learn how to position themselves as a thought leader, building a following that trusts their insight.

By teaching leaders how to share their expertise, we help them unlock the attention of their industry, engage the right people and create opportunities for meaningful conversations.

Content Creation

Craft compelling and engaging LinkedIn content that educates your audience so your message becomes synonymous with your service.

Personal Branding

Build a social presence that overpowers the competition in size and scale. Where you become known as the go-to expert.

Thought Leadership

Lead conversations and gain public recognition as the leading voice. Create a powerful movement, and get your voice heard within the LinkedIn community.

Who it’s for…

Whether their goal is thought leadership or new business, we work with Senior Executives who want to leverage their subject matter expertise through social selling.

Book a call with a member of the team to understand what works, why it works and how we can put it into practice with you.

With our training, leaders will:

  • Create an authentic voice and grow their audience
  • Create powerful content to elevate their subject-matter expertise
  • Have the tools to extend their influence in their industry
  • Increase inbound engagements through trust and authority


Yes, we offer one-off and ongoing sessions with our team of marketing and sales experts. Just book a call with our team to discuss your specific needs and goals.

We’re happy to discuss your specific needs and if there is scope for us to achieve results we’ll review and create a plan to achieve those goals with you. We have a range of experts available and can arrange with partners

If you take our methodology onboard, follow the steps and refine your approach you’ll receive results in 90 days.

Our training, guides and worksheets are specifically designed for LinkedIn. The mindset and approach can be transferred onto other platforms, but the results will vary depending on the platform’s algorithm and audience.

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