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4 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Start-up

If you want to stand out from other businesses, you need to know how to use social media to leverage your start-up. As the largest professional network out there, Linkedin is one of the best platforms to help you market your new business. 
Here are 4 ways to market your start-up on LinkedIn. 

1. Grow Your Company Page

Your company page will make your business look professional. It is great that you have a member’s profile, but your company page is what people will look for next. Make sure you have clear branding of your company on this page. You need your logo and an engaging cover photo to draw visitors to your page. Unlike your personal profile, your company page can be used for company updates, events or news. If you are looking to expand your employees or outsource work, you can use the page for project/role opportunities. The most important reason for your company page is the awareness you can create for your start-up. As an example, you will be able to use the page to increase traffic to your website. If your connections/leads are checking out your profile, they will find your company. Why not have a free funnel to help your website? 

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2. Work With Experience Industry Leaders  

As a start-up on LinkedIn, you have free access to a network of professionals and potential clients. On the mentor side, try and find people who have more experience in your industry and send them a connection request. When you do this, don’t just send them the generic LinkedIn request. Make it personal by taking the time to view their profile and discuss something you have in common. When they connect, ask them warmly about any advice they have for your budding company. Most people are happy to share if you are polite enough and you demonstrate your gratitude for their experienced insight. After you have become connections, make sure you keep up the engagement and nurture the relationship. This will be helpful for you in the future. 

3. Grow With Others

On the topic of helping you in the future, cultivating a good relationship with your connections could create future job opportunities or support. Like the favour of asking a mentor figure for advice, you can return the favour by recommending them to someone else when you hear about some work they could benefit from. This becomes an endless cycle of generosity when you use LinkedIn to help other professionals. You are able to find out about projects and jobs beyond your network by helping others. People do business on the basis of trust. So, on LinkedIn, why not market your start-up through another professional’s recommendation? 

4. Become an Authoritative Voice

Sharing posts or articles on LinkedIn is a great way to build up a following and encourage people to trust your brand. LinkedIn, however, does not have the same personal aspects as Facebook or Twitter. LinkedIn is not a place for sharing pictures of your dog, even if he is in your home office. Comment on other people’s posts and write content to build up a following. Your content and engagement on social media will be able to convince them to buy from you later on. 

If you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you are not just in charge of a company. You are in charge of the sales, marketing, customer service, accounts and the list goes on. Because of this fact, many people underestimate the importance of marketing a new business on LinkedIn, but this is why you are losing vital awareness and potential revenue. You need to make time on LinkedIn to market your company and most importantly, you need to have a strategy. Randomly posting or churning out waffling content will not help you market your business. Think about the reasons why you are using LinkedIn in your marketing plan. Otherwise, you are wasting time when you could be generating sales over LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity for Start-ups. It builds awareness for your brand and generate leads. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this free channel to market your start-up?


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