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What is ContentBias™?

ContentBias™ is how you use content to get in front of the right people and inspire belief in you and your products. Here are a few fundamentals to ContentBias™. Leveraging the algorithm, showcasing who you are and inspiring belief I’ll run through them in this brief article to show you what it is and why you should be looking to create your own. 

Dean Seddon CEO and Founder of Maverrik describes Content Bias

Leveraging Algorithms 

You can think of social media as tribes or echo chambers. As soon as you engage with an account the algorithms will place their content in front of you, whether you like it or not. Expressing that interest in that account means you have told these algorithms, I want more of this content. You can see this with eco-friendly pages supported by others who want to help the planet. You can also see it with conspiracy groups, pet lovers etc. As you can tell the content will draw a certain interest from a collective group of people who want that content. 

You see reposted videos constantly on LinkedIn, which means a lot of the same conversations are happening. If you happen to also post those videos, having an engaged audience means all the views and discussions will happen on your post and the others fade away as copies. LinkedIn will naturally promote post which performs well on the platform, so raising your profile above everyone else using ContentBias™ will help your views and engagement. 

You can use this method yourself to get in front of the right people. In a sales world, you can get in front of new prospects who will see your content nearly every day, if you implement it right. It’s an extremely valuable ability to be placed in front of your prospects feed whenever they’re on social media. 


Showcase Who You Are

The ContentBias™ isn’t just about more figures and sales, it also helps push your profile out into the world and showcase who you are. We always sing the praises of LinkedIn users who give a little personality back into their content. It creates genuine conversations and builds relationships. This personal approach works wonders for inspiring belief and also aids in leveraging the algorithm so your connections won’t miss any of your posts. 

Inspiring Belief  with ContentBias™

In order to do business with anyone, each person needs to trust the other. More so on the receiving end. When you create a ContentBias™ using your content you are essentially planting the idea that whenever a problem arises, you are the solution. No ifs, no buts.  If you want X you’ll always think of Y. It’s your go-to handyman that fixes your household problems. Or your local mechanic who knows exactly what they’re doing and each detail of your car. 

But you can’t create a ContentBias™ by posting sales messages over and over again. When you simply brag about your services or products over and over again they tend to hold no weight in the long run. Your audience will say to themselves “I’ve heard all this before” and will tune out to your message. You can’t inspire belief if no one is listening. Instead, offer valuable advice from your industry and speak your audience’s language. Translating the lingo into bite-sized chunks lets your audience know you are the real deal and will be the solution to the problem. 

ContentBias™ is simply a method of using content to live in the heads of your audience by being seen on social platforms consistently. The hardest part of creating a ContentBias™ is the consistent action it takes to post valuable content your audience will engage with. However, this bias is the most valuable part of any sales and marketing strategy.

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