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Leveraging LinkedIn For Sales Performance, Thought Leadership And Employee Advocacy

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Enterprise Solutions To Leverage The Power Of LinkedIn

Hit sales and revenue targets, mobilise your team to increase your reach and harness the power of thought leadership.

Sales Performance

I want our sales team to sell more, sell faster, sell better using LinkedIn, and Sales Navigator

Thought Leadership

I want our executive leaders to represent the brand on LinkedIn as thought leaders

Employee Advocacy

I want our teams to extend the reach of our campaigns, brand and influence on LinkedIn

Solving Your Biggest Challenges

We help revenue-generating professionals solve their biggest challenge – Getting in front of their prospects and demonstrating their value. 


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Sell More, Sell Faster,

Sell Better With LinkedIn

Maverrik raises the standing of your sales team by empowering salespeople and business leaders to master their craft. Increasing sales, revenue and profit. 

Sell More

Sell Faster

Sell Better

Sales Navigator

High-Performance Social Selling 

Nurturing, Outreach and Pipeline

Learn how MAVERRIK can help your sales team to use LinkedIn to hit their targets and build their pipeline

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Discover how Maverrik can assist you to sell more, sell faster, sell better.

Establish Your Thought Leadership

LinkedIn is a space for you to influence your market, industry and stakeholders through subject matter experts within your organisation. Maverrik empowers leaders to leverage the platform to shape opinions, curate discussion and cultivate strategic relationships.

Visibility and Credibility

By establishing themselves as experts in their field, senior leaders can increase the visibility and credibility of their company and its brand. Thought Leadership can also demonstrate a commitment to innovation and leadership in the industry.

Greater Reach

Thought Leadership on LinkedIn allows businesses to reach a wider audience by leveraging personal networks to influence the market which can augment a broader comms strategy.

Revenue Development

Thought leaders on LinkedIn find more success when they build trust with potential customers, which can lead to increased sales. Through influence and insights, thought leaders can establish and develop relationships to reach prospects.

Insight and Engagement

Senior leaders can gain valuable insights into customers changing needs and preferences. Having direct daily access to the market and hearing feedback from others in the industry in an open forum, can give a strategic advantage in embracing changes in the market.

Learn more about how Thought Leadership can increase your influence across LinkedIn

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Discover how Maverrik can assist you to leverage LinkedIn for Thought Leadership.

Amplify With Employee Advocacy

Maverrik amplifies the reach of your brand, campaigns, and impact on LinkedIn. Companies that empower and equip their teams to add their voice to the brand can increase reach, drive engagement and build the employer brand.

Increased Reach

Employee Advocacy can help to expand a company’s reach and visibility on social media, by leveraging the personal networks of employees.


Employee-generated content is often seen as more authentic and trustworthy than content generated by the company alone.

Brand Building

Employee Advocacy can help to build a company’s brand by showcasing the personalities, values, and culture of the company.

Employer Branding

Employee Advocacy can also help to attract new talent to the company, by showcasing the positive aspects of working there.

Learn how MAVERRIK is helping brands amplify their voice across LinkedIn

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Discover how Maverrik can help you harness the voices of your team through a LinkedIn-based Employee Advocacy Programme.


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With offices in the UK, United States and Europe, our courses, coaching and consultancy services have equipped more than 50,000 business professionals and over 2,500 businesses worldwide.

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