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Why You Should Leverage Your Sales Navigator Homepage Featured Image

Why You Should Leverage Your Sales Navigator Homepage

Do you have Sales Navigator? If you’ve ever browsed the homepage, you will know that there are a number of features available. The Sales Navigator homepage aims at improving your Sales Navigator experience by providing on-time, relevant, and actionable sales insights. So, it’s time to open your eyes and leverage your Sales Navigator homepage; here are a few reasons why you should leverage your Sales Navigator Homepage…

Growth Titans


The Alerts feature on your Sales Navigator homepage provides notifications about your saved leads and accounts. All notifications about your leads and accounts appear under Alerts, with suggested follow-up steps.

Priority/Trending Accounts Insight

The My priority accounts section in the upper right corner of the homepage includes your important accounts, prioritised by account changes in Headcount growth and Buyer intent in the past 30 days. This feature ensures you receive timely insights on your accounts that are currently popular and trending, at the top of your Sales Navigator homepage. 

Sales Navigator Coach

Sales Navigator Coach is a feature in the lower right corner of your Sales Navigator homepage. Through this feature, you can view core workflows and new features to use for a more effective sales experience.

Other Useful Features

  • The Jump back in feature on the right rail of the Sales Navigator homepage provides lead and account suggestions based on your recent activities.
  • Recommended leads on the right rail provides lead options based on your sales preferences. 
  • Recommended accounts on the right rail provide account suggestions based on your sales preferences. 
  • You can access Learning Center, Sales Navigator Help, and Chat with support (which is only available in English at the moment) by clicking the “?” icon near your profile photo and selecting the required option from the dropdown. 

I bet you never thought a homepage could have so many benefits. So, go and explore the homepage and leverage all of the features you’re currently missing out on. You won’t regret it! 


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