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Why You Need To Use Sales Navigator’s Recommended Leads

Sales Navigators Recommended leads section is a great addition to improve the number of leads you’re following up each week. It’s definitely a tool you need to be using to increase your sales output. This is why you need to be using this recommended section. But first… 

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How does LinkedIn Recommend Leads? 

There are three ways LinkedIn recommends leads on Sales Navigator: recommendations at a specific company page, at the top of a lead’s profile and through a recommended leads list. 

For a company – it’s on their Account Details page

On the lead’s profile – it’s at the top of the page

For the auto-generated lead list – go to the lead lists tab and click recommended leads. 

The Recommend Leads list in Sales Navigator provides you with an auto-generated list of up to 100 recommended leads. This list is generated based on your past activity. Such as searches and leads you’ve saved in the past. The Recommended Leads list is auto-generated every week on a Monday. Recommended Leads was previously on the old Homepage, but it only showed two leads at a time.

LinkedIn’s recommended leads are collated using buyer intent which can be extremely useful at telling you who is keeping a close eye on your business. Buyer Intent in Sales Navigator gives sellers critical information about accounts that are showing intent. This feature enables sellers to reach out to the relevant people in the appropriate accounts at the opportune time. Having a list created specifically using this data will leave you with at least 100 people you can start prospecting. 

Training Your Leads Section

Anything auto-generated is going to need time to work out who it is you’re working with. The best AI works better with more information it’s given. So you need to make sure you’re starting off on the right track by saving the relevant leads to your lists. The more people you save and interact with the better your recommended section will become on Sales Navigator. So don’t expect recommendations on your first visit to Sales Navigator. Instead, create your lists and interact with the platform. 

If you want to kickstart your recommendations section create a list of at least 100 of your target prospects and save a couple of relevant searches. Give the algorithm some time to collate your search results and saved accounts then return to your recommendations section on Monday. You’ll see a fresh list of 100 recommended leads to target. 


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