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Why Should You Search For Accounts On Sales Navigator?

If you’re using Sales Navigator to prospect you’re probably thinking it’s all the leads and the accounts are just there to show who is working where. Is there any point in searching for accounts on Sales Navigator? Well there are a few actually, but first, let’s cover the basics… 

Growth Titans

What are accounts on LinkedIn? 

Accounts on LinkedIn are essentially companies on LinkedIn. You learn more about the history of the business and can save a list of businesses or accounts that you want to work with and influence. Having an account list gives you a target list of people you can work on and implement your social selling strategies with. 

An account page gives you a comprehensive understanding of a business by leveraging real-time trends and insights. Putting them all in one place. The new Account Page redesign can assist you in prioritising your leads/contacts and determining whether an account is at risk, healthy, or offers an opportunity. 

Account Mapping

The key feature you can use on Sales Navigator is Account Mapping where you can map out your journey to connect and build a relationship with key decision-makers within that company. With Account Map, users can also identify account gaps and opportunities to influence the right people. 

An Account Map can include a total of up to 30 leads, or 10 leads per tier. These tiers are split into levels of influence and show you a pathway to work your way up the ladder. Tier 1 represents executives. Tier 2 represents middle management and Tier 3 represents individual contributors.

If you don’t search for accounts on Sales Navigator this entire strategy isn’t available. You’re be working on the people surround the company you want to work with and talk to a variety of people within different sectors that wouldn’t move you along in your sales process. 

Buyer Intent

Searching for accounts on Sales Navigator will also offer you buyer intent at that company. Buyer Intent is a measure of an account’s overall interest in your company’s products and services. You can effectively engage with your buyers using Account Buyer Intent insights. 

You can see: 

  • Buyer Intent Score Meter: If an account has low to high buyer intent. 
  • Key Buyer Intent Factors: Key factors that build the intent score for an account.
  • Top Buyer Intent alerts: Alerts on activities performed by the account.
  • Buyer Activities: A list of activities taken in the last 30 days by a contact or a group of contacts at the account that express buyer intent. 

You can also view the list of activities performed in the Activity Breakdown section. Once again without searching for interacting with account you won’t be able to see and use this data available. So make sure you’re leveraging accounts on Sales Navigator as much as possible. 


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