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How To Use Sales Navigator Alerts

Sales Navigator Alerts are a part of LinkedIn’s new revamped homepage for the platform. Using alerts you can highlight changes in accounts and leads so you can take measured steps during your sales approach.


Why Should You Pay Attention To These Alerts?

Alerts may seem like a new name for the same formula, but keeping on top of these homepage alerts can open up more opportunities. Opportunities to reach out to new and existing clients. Where you’ll be alerted to promotions, shared activity and an account raising profits. Keeping track of these will help you with your approach. Wishing leads well in their new role and offering support or congratulating a client on their success are both good reasons to pay attention to the alerts. 

Using Sales Navigator Alerts

Sales Navigator Alerts are found on your new homepage. With new alerts appearing in blue at the top of the page. With each alert, there will be a suggested action to take. Helping you interact and engage with your prospects. 

You can filter your alerts by clicking Filter and selecting the type of alert to view. If want to delete an alert or opt out of further alerts click on the three dots next to the alert and select Delete or Turn Off. 

If you’re looking to increase your alerts save more leads and accounts. 

LinkedIn recommends checking your alerts 1-2 times per day. Once in the morning and in the afternoon to ensure you don’t miss any important alerts. 

Here is the full list of alerts available:

Account News – A mention in an article shared on LinkedIn. Alongside Funding news, where funding was mentioned within the article. 

Account Updates – The account publishing a post, article, photo or article 

Accounts Growth – An increase in the number of jobs posted on LinkedIn, employee growth or joining a new company. 

Account Risk – When an account is experiencing layoffs or a decrease in employee growth

Lead Career Change – A saved lead has moved to a new company

Lead News – A saved lead mentioned in the News.

Lead Shares – Lead sharing a post on LinkedIn.

Buyer Interest – A lead has engaged with your profile or company page. 

New Decision Makers – A saved account has hired a new employee into a director-level position or above.

Shared Activity – Shared activity across Sales Navigator accounts linked to you (via Teams etc.) 

Suggested Leads – Lead recommendations / Viewing decision-makers of leads you’ve recently visited.

Updates from CRM Software – 

Bookmarking Alerts

You can also Bookmark alerts which you may want to share with others or refer to at a later date. To Bookmark an alert click the Bookmark icon to the right of an alert. You can bookmark sales insights and track your leads and accounts. To view these bookmarked alerts later, click the Bookmark tab at the top of your Alerts feed

These alerts are a part of LinkedIn’s initiative to create actionable insights. Data you can actually review and take measured steps to improve upon. Sales Navigator is full of tools that salespeople can implement to make their approach a little bit more refined, but some get hidden amongst themselves. This is why this redesign was created to showcase some of the features a little more heavily. 

Keep Your Lists Up-To-Date

Of course, it’s all about how you use the new Sales Navigator Alerts that will make the difference. So make sure you are targeting the right accounts, whilst constantly adding and refining your saved leads and accounts lists. If you keep on top of your lists your alerts will be more useful and you will have more success with building a relationship with your leads.

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