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Why Saving Your Search Is Essential On Sales Navigator Featured Image

Why Saving Your Search Is Essential On Sales Navigator

Are you saving your searches on Sales Navigator? Well, you should be and here’s why…

Just before we jump into it, there might be a chance that the reason you’re not saving your Sales Navigator search is that you don’t know how. So, for those of you who were just looking for a quick how-to…

How To Save a Search on Sales Navigator

  1. Search for leads using the search bar or all filters search.
  2. Click Save Search in the top right corner of the search results page
  3. Name your list
  4. Then Click Save Search.

Now, for the rest of you who already knew that but still are not saving your search on sales navigator, here is why it is essential…

Growth Titans

Saves Time

The fact creating a lead list on Sales Navigator saves time is probably the most obvious reason why you should be doing it. However, even I’ll admit I’ve missed the obvious every now and again. Creating highly targeted searches on LinkedIn is an extremely effective way to generate new leads and connect with like-minded people. 

It’s definitely worth the time of going through the specific filters of keywords, geography, title, industry and such. However, doing this every single time will quickly become tiresome. So, make sure you save your search on Sales Navigator!

Automatically Generates Leads

This is possibly one of the best reasons to save your search on Sales Navigator. Once your search has been created and saved, you can set up daily, weekly or monthly alerts to be notified of new leads who match your criteria. 

The first time you create a search on Sales Navigator, it might not produce the results you were hoping for. However, once you have revised and refined your search criteria, saving the search will automatically replenish your source of qualified prospects.

Finds New People in Familiar Places

We live in the age of automation. Contrary to what some people might think, it’s not because the world is becoming lazy. If anything, it’s because our tasks are piling up and we need ways to shave seconds or minutes off our days that all add up in the end. You don’t have time to check out every single person who visits your profile or business page. So, let Sales Navigator do it for you. 

Saving your search on Sales Navigator will identify potential leads who might already follow your company and which ones have recently posted or even been mentioned in LinkedIn news. This means that the leads being pulled into your search are ones that will be worth pursuing and not just lead to a dead end.

So, that’s it. Taking less than a second to click the “save search” button on your Sales Navigator list will save you hours of manual searching and ensure you aren’t missing out on any key prospects.


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