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What to do when youve reached your weekly connection limit on linkedin

What To Do When You’ve Reached Your Weekly Invitation Limit on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is set to, or already has capped the weekly limit for connection requests to 100 invitations per week. So, if you’ve been hit with the invitation limit message on LinkedIn you probably think you’re stuck. Here is what you can do when you’ve reached your weekly invitation limit. 

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Create Content 

When you can’t connect the best form is to inspire a connection with your content. Make yourself a valuable connection and you’ll receive requests rather than need to seek them out yourself. Post valuable content pieces in the form of articles, industry news and statistics. Something which makes a potential connection not want to miss a single piece of your content. There are plenty of opportunities to create and promote your company’s product and brand on LinkedIn. With new tools being consistently updated and made available. 

You can also cross-post from other social media platforms leading members to your LinkedIn profile. Creating short Youtube videos with a call to action to connect, or simply having the links to your page readily available. Being noticed and getting your audience to come to your page will give you more connection requests and is good practice regardless of you reaching your weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn. 

Use Your Weekly Invitation Limit in a smarter way

We tell everyone that it’s important to not get too stingy with your connections, but this doesn’t mean you have to connect with every single person you come across on LinkedIn. Now there is a limit in place, take the time to really nurture a potential connection before going for a connection request. With the weekly invitation limited on LinkedIn in place any time you get a rejection it will slow the growth of your network. Be smarter with your connecting and really target an account you want to connect with. Like their content, comment on their polls and be a part of their discussions. Once they know who you are they will be more likely to accept a connection request. 

Do Contact Uploads Still work? 

Contact upload will affect your weekly connection limit. Contact uploading is the practice of uploading a data list filled with email addresses. This could be a list of your past clients, data sourced by another company that specialises in data collection or taken from your website where the parties have agreed to share their information. All you need to do is head over to your “My Network” section and on the left-hand side you will see “Your contact import is ready”. Click the “More options” tab and on the right, you will see the option to upload a file. Upload your file (CSV, TXT) and select who you want to connect with. Currently this method is still uncapped.

LinkedIn has set these weekly invitation limits to combat automation and limit the annoyance of spam requests from fake accounts that seem to be rising on the platform. Instead of getting angry, we just need to refine the approach to connecting and growing our networks. Easy said than done when limitations are being put into place, but I completely understand the reasoning behind the decision and hopefully, it will combat spam on LinkedIn as a whole. If you’re looking to grow your network I recommend sending a connection request to everyone here at Maverrik!

*Update* LinkedIn are currently removing this feature for a select number of users.

What happens now?

If you’re looking to grow your connections and beat the connection limit you’ll have to work on your acceptance rate. This means priming your audience before connecting by engaging with their content and showing yourself to them as much as possible. A good tip is to focus all your attention on account that are regularly active on the platform. This means connecting with profiles that have posted, commented or liked a post in the past few hours. Avoiding accounts with very little activity.

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