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The Best Streaming Tools to Use to Go Live on LinkedIn Featured Image

The Best Streaming Tools To Use To Go Live On LinkedIn

So, you’ve been accepted and now you’re ready to officially go live! Hang on… There’s one more step. To go live on LinkedIn, you need to use a third-party streaming service. As a newbie, it can be hard to know which platform is best for your needs – there’s a whole lot of choice out there. So, I’ve rounded up our top three best streaming tools to use to go live on LinkedIn right here. 

Growth Titans


Restream is a favourite streaming platform for many LinkedIn users, and there’s no wonder why. The service boasts a tonne of interactive features that have been proven to create professional live streams and boost views.

So, what can it do? Actually, it would probably be easier to list what it can’t do…

You can invite guests to your broadcast, upload your logo and custom background graphics and add and customise captions. When you’re actually streaming, you can stream with split-screen and screen-sharing options and play local video files. And, once you’ve finished your stream, you can access a recording to repurpose later. Say hello to some extra content! Not to mention, you can do all of this in high definition.

Even better? This one’s Maverrik-approved! We found the Restream platform to be the simplest and most effective way to stream your live event on Linkedin. You can find out more about Restream here.


In Socialive’s own words, they say their platform is like “having your very own TV studio in the cloud.” The platform provides an end-to-end live and on-demand video solution for recording, producing, distributing, storing and clipping even content in one single location. Its top selling point is that you’re able to produce studio-quality video content on the platform without the cost of specific software. 

So, what can it do?

The platform boasts a cloud-based studio with a virtual green room, which can hold up to 20 people at a time.  With one-click multitasking, you can simultaneously broadcast across channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook, ON24, Kaltura and more. Last but not least, Socialive integrates seamlessly with any audience engagement tools for live quizzes, Q&A’s and polls to interact with your audience.

What more could you ask for? Give Socialive a look by clicking here

Switcher Studio

Say hello to the multi-camera live-streaming app that literally does it all. No, I’m really not exaggerating…

With the Switcher Studio app, you can create a dynamic stream by connecting up to nine cameras or video sources simultaneously – perfect if you have a few guests. Even better? Your guests are able to join entirely remotely, too – no internet connection is needed. Much like the previous two options, you can add logos, graphics and multimedia to your stream on the Switcher platform and stream almost anywhere. Need to make an edit? Don’t worry, you can control your entire live video production through real-time editing.

The saying ‘the possibilities are endless’ springs to mind here…

Find out if Switcher Studio is the platform for you, here.

These three platforms boast some great features that are essential for streaming when you go live on LinkedIn. I recommend trialling a few different platforms to see which one is best for you and your needs, but this list is a great place to start.

But wait, how do you do it?

To connect to Restream to LinkedIn, you need to log into the Restream platform. Then, click ‘Edit Destination’. Here, you can click ‘+ Add Destination’ and select LinkedIn. You can then choose ‘Profile’ to go live on your personal profile, or ‘Page’ to go live on your company page. If you’re connecting to your company page, select it and then click ‘Save’.

Once your LinkedIn page is connected, then you can click ‘Edit Destination’. Next to your channel, click ‘Edit’. Click the ‘Create Event’ dropdown box and select your event. Tip – don’t forget to add your registration form when creating your event on LinkedIn, you can use these to build your lead list. Then, click ‘Save’ and you’re all set to go live.


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