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3 LinkedIn Hacks to grow your audience featured Image

3 LinkedIn Hacks to grow your audience

I wanted to get a bit tactical today. Everyone loves a good hack right? Here are three hacks for LinkedIn hacks to grow your audience.

Growth Titans

Share your post in Industry groups

Okay so groups are a bit of a disaster on LinkedIn – but there is a way to use them for your benefit.

I’ve picked up more than 28,000 content impressions from LinkedIn groups in the past 14 days.

LinkedIn post example

When I have a really value-packed and actionable post, I repost my post into an industry-focused group.

This has two benefits:

Firstly, it gets my post in front of more people who potentially have an interest in my services.

Secondly, I noticed an uptick in followers in the days following this.

I shared one post which gained more than 18,000 impressions in one group in January and picked up more than 1,200 followers.

The key is joining groups which have a chunk of your target audience and ensuring the content you put in there is action-packed.

Trojan horse commenting

LinkedIn comment example

Now this is a tricky one to do well, but you can grow your audience and attract more potential clients by using what I call, Trojan horse commenting.

Most people forget that comments are content. So you can comment on others posts and share insights (just don’t promote yourself – that’s called spam commenting).

The way this works is simple:

  1. Find a post with a lot of traction and is highly relevant to your target audience.
  2. Post a value-packed comment (it can be long) with actionable information.

Action-packed content (things people can do or take action on) are one of the most powerful types of content.

Think of it like this; if people would note it down, you’ve made a very powerful impression.

I find people will come and connect and follow me, just by adding value on someone else’s post.

Headline bait your prospects

Headline baiting builds on the previous point – Optimising your headline so that the value you deliver is clear and for who you deliver it for, is critical.

You can use your LinkedIn headline to get prospects curious about what you do…

LinkedIn header example

My headline includes what I do and who I do it for, this way people clearly know how I can help them.

As I comment on others posts, they now see my headline alongside my comment and as a result know my name and how I can help.

One my team’s headline is

Let’s quit cold calling and book more meetings

That’s the first sentence in her headline.

Guess who she engages with?

Sales leaders who are in industries where cold calling is prevalent. Most weeks she’ll get inbound connections asking to know how we do that.

It’s a simple thing but many forget the headline is on every post, every comment and displayed with every message.

Use these LinkedIn Hacks to grow your audience.


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