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Top 3 Strategies To Win New Clients

Getting a new client on board is an exciting time. Not only will they generate new income, but they’ll help build your business network, too. The only problem is, there are so many strategies to win new clients, which ones are the best? So, it’s time to quit your outdated selling tactics and start using the top 3 strategies to win new clients… 

Despite the vast number of strategies that are out there, many of them are simply ineffective in the current B2B landscape. You don’t want your business to waste time and resources pursuing a strategy that does not result in clients. 

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Social Selling

Social Selling is a strategy which sees company leaders and employees creating a professional, branded space for themselves on social media platforms like LinkedIn. Here’s the thing: people buy from people. That means the corporate persona just isn’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time to get personal. 

These are the perfect spaces in which to build an invested network and connect with potential prospects on a more personal level. Rather than the hard sell, social selling is more about creating touchpoints, establishing authority and building brands, personal and company. This will create trusted relationships, which are fertile ground for winning new clients. 

Content Marketing

A huge hurdle to overcome when trying to win a new client is keeping them engaged. That’s where content comes in. By putting out content that people want to read, you’re building awareness of your company. That’s why employees need to post content that is going to be interesting to prospective clients. 

This means turning your idea of product promotion on its head. Think about them through the lens of your clients: What pain are they solving for them? That’s what your content should be about. You should also make sure to mix it up, by including non-promotional content. For example, by writing about recent news stories, you’ll get more interaction. 

With both of these angles in your content, you can get prospective clients engaged. The final ingredient is consistency. Regular posts give you a long-term strategy for identifying and winning over new clients. 

Building a Personal Brand

Being an expert means you have some of the best insights and solutions out there. It’s something that every business hopes to be seen as. But, on its own, it is not enough. For people to employ your expertise over your competitors, you also have to be available. 

This means making yourself visible in relevant spaces. So, comment on posts that are applicable to your field. Grow your network. By making your business and its employees as visible as possible, awareness of your expertise will build. And when you are a consistent presence in the space, you will be seen as available. 

When businesses position themselves as experts in a field who are frequently present and available, they become approachable to clients. It is therefore a great way to win them over your competitors. 

With these three strategies, you’ll be investing in a strong social media presence. One that is fertile ground for making sales, again and again. Rather than wasting time on the hard sell, to prospects who may not even be interested, you’ll be able to identify those people who are really interested… The people who are already interacting with you!

Position yourself effectively on social media using these three strategies and you’ll have the perfect framework for winning new clients.


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