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Why You Need To Leverage Intent Data On Sales Navigator

I know, Sales Navigator has a whole lot of features. Some are a lot more straightforward than others, but they all present vast opportunities to boost your business in unique ways. And, one of those is Buyer Intent. Intent data on Sales Navigator provides sellers with key insights on accounts that are showing intent, something that you wouldn’t get in your basic LinkedIn account. Essentially, the feature helps sellers to reach out to the right people, in the right accounts, at the right time. 

But, if the prospect of utilising intent data has left you quivering in your boots, fear no more. I’ve rounded up three reasons why it’s important that you leverage intent data on Sales Navigator. Let’s get into it…

Growth Titans

Differentiation is Key

Sometimes, trying to identify your prospects on LinkedIn is like wandering through a tunnel without a torch. 

It can be especially tricky to understand who specifically is showing intent within an account. But, we’ve got the solution. Intent data. Sales Navigator can help you identify who within an account is showing intent. It can even go one step further too and show you if it’s a specific person or a group of people within an account. Having this data on hand within Sales Navigator saves you a whole lot of time and effort, and it lets you prioritise the data, too – letting you get back to the other parts of your business. So, grab your torch and leverage your intent data!

A Bird’s Eye View

Intent data opens up a whole new world of LinkedIn.

Sales Navigator gives you a complete view of a buyer’s timeline throughout their journey. I know, it’s unheard of! But, it’s true. You can view anything from how they’ve engaged with your company page to accepting an InMail. The possibilities truly are endless. This allows you to visualise each step they’ve taken toward connecting with you. This then lets you tap into how your audience may act as a whole, and you can continue to browse each buyer’s timelines to spot any recurring themes to identify what exactly it is you’re doing to bring them to you. Then, you can replicate it elsewhere to bring in even more buyers – a win if I’ve ever seen one.

Untapped Information

Are you looking for an efficient way to gain access to some untapped information? Look no further…

Not only does Sales Navigator show you which accounts, and who within those accounts is showing intent, it goes one step further. You can also see the list of activities performed that show intent, too. This means that you can track the exact movements of your buyers and see at which point they became interested in you and your business. Obviously, this information is invaluable because of the multitude of ways that you can go on to leverage it. From targeted ads to messaging, it opens up so many doors. 

Struggling to find information on buyer intent in Sales Navigator? You can find it in a few places: 

  • The Buyer Intent account dashboard
  • Account pages
  • The highlights section on the homepage
  • The search filter
  • Get alerts on the homepage

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to boost your business in a way that’s entirely unique, you need to start leveraging your intent data on Sales Navigator. If not for the differentiated information, the clear overview or the untapped information you’ll receive, do it for the insights that you’ll receive on your business as a whole. Let me know how you get on!


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