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Why You Should Invite Your Connections to Your LinkedIn Live Event Featured Image

Why You Should Invite Your Connections to Your LinkedIn Live Event

Great, you’ve created a LinkedIn live event! But, the work isn’t over. You’ve got to put the groundwork in now to make sure your audience knows about it. Sure, you can share the event on your profile and send the link in messages. But, did you know that you can invite your connections to your LinkedIn live event, too? There are a number of benefits to inviting your connections to your event and I’ve laid them out here for you. I know, what more could you ask for?

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Notify Your Network

Let’s get the most important one out of the way. Inviting your connections to your LinkedIn live event literally notifies your network (or, those you’ve invited and have accepted, at least) of your event and any updates you post. I know what you’re thinking: “How does that work?” Well, let me tell you…

LinkedIn has a feature that will notify your connections when they’ve been invited to your event in the ‘My Network’ tab. Then, once accepted, LinkedIn will send reminders to attendees through the notifications tab of their profile. These reminders will be sent 7 days before, 3 days before and on the day of your event to ensure that they don’t miss out.

Bonus: if your attendees have their email notifications turned on (which, chances are, they will), they’ll also get emailed these updates. Double whammy!

More followers

When you put on a LinkedIn event and it’s a success those people who attended and found it insightful will follow your page for the next one. It’s a great way to increase your followers and market your business. The more attendees you get, the more people will start to follow your page, which will build your audience.

Increased Visibility

Inviting your connections to your Linkedin live event is a sure way to boost the visibility of the event. With so many posts in people’s feeds, they’re likely to miss the post where you share the event and boast about all the amazing things that it will include. And let’s be honest, you can’t really afford for that to happen.

But, it doesn’t stop there…

Once your attendees have accepted the invitation to your LinkedIn live event, they can take it into their own hands. If your event is listed as ‘public’, attendees can invite people in their own network to attend as well.

So, for instance, say you’ve invited 150 of your connections to your LinkedIn live event. 75 of those connections accept and 20 of those connections went on to invite their network to the event, as well. In one simple step, you’ve essentially doubled or even tripled the number of possible attendees to your Linkedin live event, all through inviting your connections. This leads to an increased number of prospected attendees actually attending your live event, as well as a boost in engagement with your company page and your network. It’s a win-win.

I wasn’t joking when I said there were some serious benefits…

So, what are you waiting for? On your next LinkedIn live event, make sure you invite your connections to maximise visibility and keep your network in the loop. 

It couldn’t be easier to invite your connections to your LinkedIn live events. All you need to do is go to your company page, and under ‘Events’ click ‘Show All’ on the right-hand side. Select your LinkedIn live event. This is an important one: make sure you’re registered to attend by clicking ‘Register’ – if you aren’t attending, you cannot invite anyone (even if it’s your own event!). From here, you can click ‘Invite’. 

Then, you can find the connections you want to attend by searching their names or filtering by industry or location – this can be helpful when targeting for specific events. Then, you just need to tick the boxes of those that you want to attend. Or, you can scroll down and click the tick box at the very top to select everyone in that list.


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