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What You Can Learn from the "My Network” Section on LinkedIn featured image

What You Can Learn from the “My Network” Section on LinkedIn

The “My Network” section on LinkedIn isn’t just a place to view who you are connected with on the platform. You can also learn a lot of vital information which tells you a lot more about the people, the industry they work within and how you can find common ground. Here is what you can learn from LinkedIn’s “My Network” section. 

People You May Know

A vast majority of the time the people you may know feature links you to similar people in your industry. This is just a fancy way of saying your competitors. In some cases, however, it will offer a little bit of value by adding a category to the section. For example, if you connect with your target audience within Marketing and Communications you’ll receive a section labelled “People you may know from Marketing and Communications”. Now you can browse through these people and connect with anyone that would make a valuable asset to your connections. This section can also be based on your own industry, so as always be aware of who you are connecting with. 


Within “My Network” you can also consume a lot of content that could be useful for your day-to-day life. You can follow the recommended pages or subscribe to newsletters and influential people. Every day you will be updated with the latest news and opinions which may help tailor your own content, approach and offerings. If you get into the habit of reading educational content each day over time it’ll bleed over into your own life. Allowing you to achieve personal improvement over time. Just make sure your content offers value, you will have to trial and error a lot of content creators before finding the right fit. 

LinkedIn Assessment


The basic function of the My Network section is for you to manage the people you connect with or follow. As well as the groups you are a part of. There are also the pages, newsletters and hashtags you follow but you don’t need to regularly monitor these. LinkedIn will recommend groups based on your industry, so you’ll find a lot of similar people within these groups. Not the best idea for generating leads, but a good idea if you’re looking for collaboration and discussion. 

The section changes frequently so you never fully know what you’re going to get each day. One particularly useful section that appeared in my feed was “trending hashtags from your connections”. This gave me an insight into what content my connections were engaging with. Giving me the opportunity to tailor my own content to suit. This may have been a test feature, as I rarely come across the section, but its usefulness was noted and this article was born. 

Keep a close eye on your LinkedIn “My Network” section as it holds a lot of potentials for you to learn more about your target audience, connections and own industry. LinkedIn holds a lot of tools that aren’t used to the best of their ability. This is why LinkedIn training is a great investment for sales directors and business owners to upskill their team.

As always take care whilst using it, as connecting and following everyone that appears can cause a very messy LinkedIn experience for you. Finally, don’t forget to clear your pending connection requests that are 3 days old!


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