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Why You Need a Good Company Cover Image Featured Image

Why You Need a Good Company Cover Image

On LinkedIn, your company page is the end goal for many of your activities as a user. When you post, share to grow your network and have your company page LinkedIn to your profile you’ll generate traffic to that page. This is why you need a good company cover image for that profile. 

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It’s Your Storefront

Your company cover image will be the first thing that is put in front of anyone visiting your page. If you think about it, you can start your brand awareness through this image. If you think of it as your storefront everything your clients are looking for will be presented in this image. It’s your message to the wider world on LinkedIn. 

Share Your Message

A good company cover image highlights your service’s big promise and what you can achieve with your clients. When it works, you’ll have your first touchpoint with a new prospective client. They’ll see what you do and how to set out to achieve it all through the text on your cover image. Keep it simple and effective and your audience will have your message put in front of them each time they visit your page. 

Demonstrate Your Style

How you design your cover image will also convey the quality of your work. A well-designed and constructed cover image and page show you care about the details. It shares your company’s personality. Leaving it to default may have the opposite effect. Where you’re showing a lack of interest online. If you’re planning on growing your brand and business how your company is portrayed online is important. Which is the best reason to work hard on having a good company image. 

What makes a good company cover image? 

Good design that shows your style and header text that speaks your company’s promise. Good design is subjective, but poor design will stand out as unreadable text, clashing colours and multiple fonts. When in doubt it’s always a good idea to keep it simple. 

One thing to be aware of is how your header is presented on LinkedIn as your logo can cover a portion of your image. So make sure any text within your image isn’t going to be covered up. 

When anyone takes a deep dive into your profile they will look at where you work and having a strong company profile will not only elevate that profile but make you stand out as a result. That’s the power of a good company profile and cover image. 


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