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50 TikTok Videos Ideas For Your Business Page

If you’re looking for some prompts to get you started on Tiktok here are 50 video ideas you can use for your business Tiktok right now.

Remember the best content is relatable to your audience, showcases yourself as the expert and puts you fresh in the minds in your target market.

You can have fun with these, and get creative with the tools, but these video ideas are trend-free so you don’t have to rely on the next big trend relating to your business.

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  1. The Best Way to Take Notes

How do you make the most out of your notetaking? Share some apps you use that make it simple and effective. 

  1. The Number One Rule for Creating a Plan 

What does every plan need? How you create a plan in the most efficient way possible. Share some tips that create the best plan possible. 

  1. How Would You Approach Turning £1 to 1 Million Pound? 

One for entrepreneurs. If you were turning your first £1 into a million how would you do it? Alternatively, you could describe what you’ve learnt from past attempts that prevented it from happening. 

  1. Top Tip for Building a business

Business owners or not, what are your tips for creating a successful business? Whether it’s investing in the right people, going green or making it all about the clients.

  1. What The First Hour of Your Monday Looks Like

The start of the week can be quite busy for us all, so it’s interesting to see where it all begins. Record your Monday routine and use it to reflect on your habits and share it with your audience. 

  1. One Essential Thing a Team Needs To Succeed 

What does a team, yours or otherwise need to succeed? What are the qualities of a good team and how can you showcase that in a video? Through highlighting a great member of your team or by demonstrating in a video commentary. showcase why a team would function well. 

  1. Automated Vs. Personal

AI is taking over a lot of social media at the moment, but what can’t you replace with social media? Highlight it in a quick reel of how strange it would be to automate personal tasks. What business practices need a personal touch to succeed? 

  1. A Song That Gets You Through the Day

What keeps you going is just important as what gets you going. Share a song or playlist that underlines your day. The stranger the better. It’s the “what song are you listening to” trend, but adapted to you and your work. 

  1. Office Tour

What does your workstation look like on a daily basis? Don’t tidy up or purposely put material wealth on your desk. Keep it real. If it’s messy embrace the mess and tell people why. Just make sure not so share any sensitive information of course. 

  1. What Would You Say to Yourself 5 Years Ago? 

We’ve all had moments where we wish we could go back in time and offer some advice to our younger selves. Maybe take a deal in a new direction or start up your own business sooner. What would be the one piece of advice a 50-year-old you would say to a 20-year-old you? 

  1. How To Beat The Fear of Starting a Big Project

Putting something off, or working your way up to starting something new. Fear holds back a lot of business owners, but you took the plunge. Share what made you overcome the fear of that decision. If you’re a social media manager for a company, think about the time you took a chance on a piece of content. What made you overcome the fear of posting? 

  1. How To Overcome Doubt In a Sales Call

All business owners need to sell at some point to get their business off the ground and to keep the lights on. But, most aren’t natural-born salespeople. If you’ve ever had to sell yourself, describe how it went. Did it go well? If not, what did you learn? 

  1. A Sales Technique You Teach Everyone 

When selling yourself or offering advice to others, what do you regularly teach others? It could be your own personal mantra or a trick you’ve picked up that makes people see you a little differently. 

  1. Is a Dress Code Essential For An Office? 

Do you dress to impress others, or are you fixated on showing your true self and having others make their decisions? Clothing and presentation are important for marketing yourself to others around you. So is a dress code essential? 

  1. A TV Show or Moment That Influences Your Decision-Making

There are reasons why people fear driving behind certain trucks with poles sticking out. Television and film can influence us. Share a moment that changed how you approach certain situations in your business. 

  1. How do you unwind after a stressful day?

Switching off doesn’t come naturally to us all. Some of us need a couple of days just to take our minds away from the business desk. How do you approach the work-life balance? Is there such a thing in your life? 

  1. What are your thoughts on Marketing and Sales?

How do you approach your marketing? How do you approach your Sales? Is there alignment? Are their rivals? Highlight the similarities and differences and what you do to make sure both are working together well. 

  1. Why are you there? 

Explain to the audience why you’re on the platform and your goals for it. What is the space you’re looking to create? This is where you share the big promise of your company and how it relates to you. 

  1. Behind The Scenes of Building a Business

Whether you’re a business owner or a part of a team people, there is an interest in what goes on behind the scenes. How the pretzels are made. How the greatest musical artists come up with their songs. The best way to bulk-make a thousand sandwiches. Share your methods and what makes them unique to your business. 

  1. 3 Things Everyone Gets Wrong With Their Messaging 

What do you think people get wrong with their messaging online and how could they do it better? Should a popular company rebrand or go back to its roots? Give your opinion on the work of others, but keep it constructive. Don’t share a hit piece. Just advice. 

  1. Writing Tools That Made a Difference To You

We’re all not naturally gifted at writing. When you’re in the flow you can make mistakes, and forget words and punctuation because you’re following the flow of working. Share the writing tools that make a difference in your life. 

  1. Top 5 Webinars / Videos You’ve Seen

Ted talks, webinars and inspirational videos. Share a list of videos that have made a difference in your life. We’re all learning from Youtube and companies are understanding this with live events hosted online full of information. Just pick out your favorites. 

  1. Presentation Life Hacks 

You can’t avoid presentations and slide decks in business. You have to constantly show your work. But, there are a lot of tools and tricks to make a presentation stand out. Trust me, I’ve seen them and they make a difference. Collate your favourites and share them with your audience. Just because you’ve seen it doesn’t mean they have. 

  1. Why You Need To Record Your Meetings

Share a story of a time when you or a member of your team needed to record the actions of a meeting. It can lead to some misunderstandings, funny stories and things getting left behind. 

  1. Why Regular Team Meetings Are Important

When you don’t catch up with people you’ll never know where they will end up. Just like in the above TikTok video idea, share funny stories that highlight the point. 

  1. The Office Coffee Order

Take a walk around your office and get everyone’s coffee orders. From the ordinary to the bizarre. Work on your own? Not a problem, you can share the coffee orders of people you’ve worked with, who inspire you or celebrities to gain some attention. Not big on coffee? There’s your hook, your order is water. 

  1. Before During and After a Salescall (Internal Monologue) 

All businesses need sales to keep the doors open, so share your experience with making a sales call. It doesn’t have to be fully acted out on a Hollywood budget, it can just be your experience as a story. 

  1. Give People a Taste of who you are.

On socials getting to know the person behind the camera is just as important as their message. People buy from people, so you have to break down barriers in order for people to want to come to you. Share your favourite things, what your hobbies are and why. 

  1. Avoiding Sales Calls

No CEO wants to be trapped on a sales call out of the blue. What are some of the ways you’ve gone out of your way to avoid talking to someone you didn’t want to? Vary from the strange to the extreme. 

  1. 3 Books Every CEO needs to read

There are some books that stand the test of time. Others inspire our actions and strategies for a decade. List your top 3 books that have changed your business outlook. What’s given you the approach you take on life to this day? 

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  1. An App That Makes Your Life Easier

The right apps fit seamlessly into your life for the better. Limiting your screen time, tracking your steps, taking notes, and transcribing your thoughts. What are some of the apps that have made your life easier? 

  1. What 3 Things Everyone Needs To Change on Their LinkedIn

Ever feel like you’re seeing some weird and wonderful things online? Especially on LinkedIn where the business world tries its hardest to impress. What are some of the things people need to chance on their profile? List the funny stories and strangest profiles you’ve seen. 

  1. Why Finding Your Value More Important Than Selling a Product

Share what makes your business valuable to your clients. Why the product or service is the mean to this greater end. Highlight the before and after, or use case studies if they’re easier to reference. 

  1. Three Traits You Look For When Hiring

You have the budget for a new hire of the best next person in your business. What do you look for in others when you’re searching for someone to work with? 

  1. How Many Meetings Should You Have in one day? 

How much is too much? Share some stories of the pointless meetings you’ve been brought into over the years.

  1. What is your favourite Quote and Why? 

Books and quotes have inspired people for centuries. Share your own personal favourite mantras and why they mean so much to you. 

  1. 3 Ways You Network

How do you find your clients and business partners? Share a story of what lengths you’ve gone to talk to the right people.  

  1. What Makes a Successful Email Campaign

How do you avoid the spam filter? Do you market through email at all? What are some the best ways you’ve personally been approached. Share some of the best ways you’ve used personally or have seen before.  

  1. Remove a misconception about your business

Do people keep getting what you do wrong? Set the record straight in a creative way and remove a common mistake people make about your business. 

  1. 5 Ways You Shouldn’t Answer a Call or Email

Ever wished you could throw out all processes and let chaos take over? No, well what would happen if you answered the phone as if it was your best friend on the other line? Share your funniest ideas. 

  1. The best websites you’ve seen online

There are millions of creative websites online that serve the purpose of just being there to entertain. Share the weirdest or most useful websites you’ve seen, taken inspiration from or just found interesting. 

  1. Email Filtering Hacks 

How do you stay on top of your inbox? There are some tagging techniques and filters that make your life streamlined. What are your personal hacks for dealing with your daily emails?

  1. Your Favourite Marketing Campaigns

Over the years there have been some amazing designs and campaigns that have been made to highlight products, movies and services. Share some of the most creative ways of advertising you’ve seen to date. 

  1. Mistakes You’ve Made and How You’ve Overcome Them 

We’ve all made mistakes from time to time. Whether it was a wrong decision, putting faith in the wrong person or simply trying something new and failing. It’s okay to make mistakes, but highlight how you’ve moved on and what you’ve learned from them. 

  1. Shutdown Routine 

You’ve seen the morning routine Tiktok video ideas, now it’s time for the shutdown routine. What do you do to close out your day? Set things up for the next day? Shut the laptop and run away? Share what you do to mark the end of the day. 

  1. Answer an FAQ

There is a list of questions your clients will have when first coming into contact with you, that isn’t just about price. Get ahead by answering these frequently asked questions in a quick video. If they’re simpl yes and no’s line them all together and knock them all down in one video. 

  1. Share Your Story

Why you’re there is the marketing message, but the proof you deserve to be there is through how you got there. Share your past experience. Did you change course along the way? Have you always wanted to be where you are now? 

  1. Share A Testimonial

Your voice is important, but of course, you’ll advocate for yourself. Show people, you’ve made a difference to your clients by sharing a testimonial from them. You’ll be surprised what you get if you simply ask. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a client and ask for their opinion. 

  1. 3 Reasons to Invest in Something 

Whether you’re investing time, energy or money you need a reason why. A return on investment and what you expect that return to be. What makes you take a chance at something? Whether it’s people, products or services. What is the reason you should invest in something? 

  1. Share a Relatable Struggle 

When you’re relatable you’re more likely to gain the support of others. We see ourselves in others for better or worse. When we see nothing but success it removes us from that relatable space. So you have to share times when you’ve struggled like other have and will in the future. People don’t want superman from who they’re working, nor do they expect it. They expect experts, but still human beings. 

Make Them Your Own

I hope this list of 50 TikTok video ideas for your business has inspired you to create, you can use this list to reimagine some classic examples and make them your own. If you want to stay in front of an audience you need to post the right content. These examples are predominantly for engagement posts to get people talking, following and listening. Want some LinkedIn ideas? Check out the 50 LinkedIn Content Ideas article.

The content that converts people from fans to clients is a little different. They need to teach people who you are and your value. Some of these video ideas are doing this, so remember to underline the rest with your message, how you help and your expertise. Then not only will you see a markup in your engagement, but your organic inbound enquiries as well.


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