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4 Tips and Tricks to Boost your Brand on LinkedIn featured image

4 Tips and Tricks to Boost your Brand on LinkedIn

If you are planning to boost your brand on LinkedIn you probably won’t get it right the first time. It takes a bit of trial and error, what works for one business, isn’t guaranteed to work for another. 

So, what are the best ways to build upon what you have, and boost engagement for your business on LinkedIn?

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You need to be as unique as possible to get noticed. If your posts and logos look like everyone else, no one will give you a second thought. A great way to make yourself and your business stand out are to have your own assets. 

When it comes to personal posts, I prefer to use pictures that I have taken and/or edited myself. When it comes to business posts though there are many a way to really stand out from the crowd. The statistics that you have are your own, the reviews that you have are your own, and hopefully, to some extent, the product or service you offer is your own. 

Use those uniques aspects to show you off. Don’t just mention briefly somewhere that 91% of your customers use you more than once. Don’t let Joe Blogg’s review about ‘how friendly you all are and how you helped them every step of the way’ sit idly by. Put them in some bright colours, attract attention and ensure people read them. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, make sure you are the one spreading it. 

Tone of Voice

I am going to assume that in some way, shape, or form you are using the messaging aspect of LinkedIn to help you out. If you aren’t then go and do that as soon as you finish reading. 

Remember not too long ago when I said you won’t get it right the first time. That particularly applies here. You need to take into consideration a number of factors:

  • How do you want to sound? – Serious and business-like, playful, informative?
  • Will your potential customers and clients like your tone?
  • Are you sending long messages full of information, or shorter ones to pique interest?

You may be able to answer those questions confidently now, however, there is a high chance that they just won’t work for you. You have to be willing to change and adapt your style if needs be. Just as the world is always changing, we have to change with it. If you want to boost your brand the change has to come. 

Mix it Up

From Information Technology and Hospitality to Farming and Railroad Manufacture, the industries on LinkedIn are all but endless. That means that most things you can think of will be relatable to someone. So why not mix up content to bring in a larger audience? 

Not only content though, but think about once again, what you can bring to the table. Offer leadership thoughts from yourself and employees, to give insight towards your company. Share tips when it comes to HR, hiring, and what works best for you. Let other people see the other side of your business. This also allows you to bring n new hashtags to your advertising. Be sure to look at what has been trending and what the most popular tags are for LinkedIn and use them to your advantage. 

Utilise Cost

Do you have a budget for advertising? If so, it is important to choose how to spend it wisely. Don’t waste time and money promoting and boosting posts that aren’t advertising what you do. 

Make sure it is business posts and not generic posts that get the publicity they need. LinkedIn allows you to target jobs and industries so make sure the money you spend targets the people you want to reach. 

Creating highly targeted ads allows you to increase engagement at the right time so you can experience higher conversions. 

So there you have it, 4 simple tips and tricks to boost your brand on LinkedIn. Of course, more could always come around because as we all know, the world is always changing.


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