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Who Benefits The Most?

Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Coaches and Consultants

Create a compelling offer and scale your business on LinkedIn.

Small Business Owners Selling B2B Services

Generate consistent six-figure business and close more deals.

Build a Six-Figure Pipeline on LinkedIn with our 6 Phases to Six-Figures

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What is Six-Figure LinkedIn?

Dean Seddon TED Talk

Six-Figure LinkedIn is an online LinkedIn training programme that shows you the exact method for winning new business on LinkedIn and scaling those methods to generate six-figure revenue.

The programme is comprised of over 80+ video lessons and tutorials varying in technical skill, so any level can join and implement the training and start generating revenue.

Including worksheets, workbooks and up-to-date strategies that will be updated, keeping in time with the platform’s changes. You will get access to the most up-to-date information and training.

By using our Six-Phases to Six-Figures you will build a robust pipeline on LinkedIn with the profile and content that draws in your target market. From building a personal brand to closing on your sales calls each phase is essential for establishing thought leadership, priming prospects for a call and finally converting your list of ideal clients.


After the Programme You will have…


Lessons Introduction to the GTM Document Buying Motivations Building Your Compelling Offer Indentifying Your Most Valuable Clients Your Big Promise Message Matrix Your action plan


Introduction to the GTM Document

Buying Motivations

Building Your Compelling Offer


Indentifying Your Most Valuable Clients

Your Big Promise

Defining Your Content Topics

Message Matrix

Creating Your Personal CTA

Your action plan

Choosing Your Path to Revenue


What should you have in your LinkedIn Header?

Uploading your header image

Creating your LinkedIn headline

How to update Your headline

Editing your about section

How to write a compelling about section

Creating your featured section

What should you include in your featured section

Privacy Mode

Creator Mode


3 types of content

Creating your posting schedule

Structuring your content

How should I write my posts

Getting engagement on your content

Which media is best

What hashtags should I use

PDF carousels

LinkedIn newsletter

Audio events

Content template

ContentGPT Masterclass

Intro to quick win campaigns

Creating a quick win poll campaign


Using Sales Navigator to find MVCs

How to send a connection request to your MVCs

How to improve your connection acceptance rate on LinkedIn

The right connection message

Thank you message

Create your account

Build your connection campaign

Collect your contacts

Setting your campaign limits

Monitoring your campaign


Creating a Compelling Lead Magnet Title

Growing Your Email List and Getting Downloads

Monetising Your Email List and Driving Calls

Creating a Canva Account

Creating a New Design on Canva for Your Lead Magnet

Naming Your PDF on Canva

Changing Your Title and Font in Canva

Adding Design Elements in Canva

Uploading an Image to Canva

Downloading Your PDF on Canva

How to set up your Lead Page Account

Create a new landing page on Lead Pages

How to change the product image

How to upload your lead magnet to lead pages

How to add a lead magnet to your landing page

Edit your button design on Lead Pages

SEO setting and Social Preview

Daily Activity Plan

Connections into conversations

Getting a Higher Response Rate from Messages

Webinar Title and Topic

Setting up a LinkedIn Live event

Adding a registration form to your LinkedIn Live event

Inviting your connections to your Live event

Downloading your LinkedIn Live attendees

Live Event Reminders

Webinar Follow-up


Running your sales call

Sending Your Proposal

Following up your calls

Sales Navigator Masterclass

Content Masterclass


Sales Navigator Masterclass

ContentGPT Masterclass

Eventbrite Masterclass


Your Instructors

Dean Seddon

Founder of Maverrik, Dean has been involved with training over 200,000 businesses in social selling and is a keynote speaker, featured in Tedx. Dean specialises in Mid-Market to Large Enterprises. Optimising the integration of LinkedIn and Sales Navigator into sales and marketing. Driving high performance and boosting revenue.

Dave Falkner

Over the past decade, Dave has helped thousands of businesses and their sales teams grow and exceed their revenue targets. Dave has accumulated a wealth of experience from working in design, print, sales and marketing. All of this experience has led to Dave becoming a sought-after trainer, coach and marketing specialist.

Build a Six-Figure Pipeline on LinkedIn

Win business consistently every month, without ads, spam or pushy tactics

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