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Get Consistent

10k+ Months

From LinkedIn

Without Paid Ads Or Pushy Tactics

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Build a System to Attract, Engage and Convert More Clients;

So You Can Make 10k Months The New Zero in Your Business.

How We Help You Make 10k+ A Month…

What’s Included In The Programme

Create Your New Zero

Your zero is the consistent number you achieve each month.

That money is accounted for. In order to scale, that number in your mind needs to be zero. Strengthen your primary income, so you don’t fear your calendar. Consistent10K+ guides you to get 10K+ Months on LinkedIn.

The 10K+ Methodology

All success in life comes from doing something well consistently, your business is no different. In most businesses, the breakthrough that makes everything else possible is the stability and smashing that first 10k.

You Need to – Define Your Offering, Define Your Ideal Client and Focus Your Message

Always Be Marketing

How to Achieve this on LinkedIn

Get Your


Get Your #Consistent10k+

Turn your knowledge into dependable revenue.

MAVERRIK will equip you with the ability to achieve this goal through training and one-on-one implementation coaching. We have achieved a consistent 10K with hundreds of business owners over the past five years. We can achieve the same for you.

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