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Making the most out of your Sales Navigator Homepage Featured Image

Making the most out of your Sales Navigator Homepage

The objective of the Sales Navigator homepage is to enhance your Sales Navigator experience by delivering timely, pertinent, and practical sales information. So you can leverage the insights to make prospecting easier and more effective. If you want to use Sales Navigator to the best of your ability you need to optimise this homepage. Here is how… 

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Getting Started – Sales Navigator Coach 

The Coach feature includes a progress meter that measures a user’s level of Sales Navigator mastery, with five levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. The meter moves up as users complete actions, and data tracks engagement with features over a few months.

The actions Sales Navigator coach offers help get your account up and running. By creating your lead and account lists, engaging with prospects and leveraging the Sales Navigator homepage tools. 

Set up your Alerts

Sales Navigator is a potent tool that enables users to identify and connect with leads and accounts that are significant to their business. With the Alerts feature on the Sales Navigator homepage, users can stay updated with notifications about their saved leads and accounts. 

Sales Navigator Alerts consist of several categories including:

  • Account News
  • Account Updates
  • Accounts Growth
  • Account Risk
  • Lead Career Change
  • Lead News
  • Lead Shares
  • Buyer Intent.

To filter your lead/account alerts: 

  1. In the Alerts section, click the New Alerts tab and filter your alerts by selecting the Leads/Accounts/Shared activity button. 
  1. Click the Bookmarked Alerts tab to view the list of your priority bookmarked alerts. 
  1. Under both tabs, you can check the boxes to select from a list of alerts.
  1. Click Apply.

Users should note that they will receive alerts regarding most but not all of their saved leads and accounts. To receive alerts make sure you have the Weekly Top Alerts Digest email option and the appropriate Alert preferences turned on in the Settings page. Users can bookmark alerts to prioritise and monitor leads and accounts. These bookmarks expire after 60 days.

Some features, such as Lead viewed your Smart Link and Buyer Intent Alerts for Employees and Leadership, are only available to Sales Navigator Advanced and Advanced Plus edition users.

Overall, the Alerts feature on Sales Navigator is a valuable tool for staying informed and taking action on crucial sales insights.

Leverage Buyer Intent

Buyer Intent is a feature in Sales Navigator that provides sellers with valuable insights about accounts that are displaying intent. This feature allows sellers to target the right people in the right accounts at the right time.

In addition to identifying accounts showing intent, it also allows you to identify specific individuals or groups within a company who are displaying intent. Sales Navigator provides a complete view of the buyer’s journey. From engaging with the company page to accepting an InMail, and displays intent data throughout this journey.

Sales Navigator also shows the list of activities that express intent, with a select list of activities available at this time. 

Buyer Intent alerts can be found on the homepage, and they signal when employees or leadership at a saved account engage with the user’s LinkedIn company page or company website. Buyer Intent in Sales Navigator provides you with essential insights into accounts that are showing intent. Information you can leverage to make timely decisions on who to approach. 

Creating Personas 

Sales Navigator allows you to create Personas to identify leads that match your target buyer quickly. You can create a Persona based on function, seniority, job title, and geography to discover insights across leads and accounts of interest. Using Personas can improve the efficiency of your sales processes. Helping you gain deeper insights into your target accounts’ Persona growth.

Sales Navigator provides default Personas like Director+ and CXO, and you can create up to three additional Personas. The Personas section is accessible from the Sales Navigator homepage, lead search, top card in an account page, Relationship Explorer tab, and the Personas tab in the Growth Insights section.

By using Personas in Sales Navigator, you can quickly find and connect with the right leads. Making your sales processes more efficient. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights into the growth of Personas at your target accounts. Allowing you to make informed decisions about your sales strategies.

To create a Persona in Sales Navigator, follow these steps:

  1. Click Show all personas displayed in the Personas section on the homepage.
  2. In the Personas dialogue, click on Create new persona +.
  3. Enter a name for the Persona, with a maximum of 35 characters.
  4. Select the functions you want to include in the Persona.
  5. Select the seniority level 
  6. Select the current job titles and location
  7. Click Save.

Priority Accounts Insight 

On the Sales Navigator homepage, you can find the “My priority accounts” section located in the upper right corner. This section includes your significant accounts, prioritised based on changes in Headcount growth and Buyer intent within the past 30 days. This feature ensures that you receive timely insights about your accounts that are currently popular and trending, displayed at the top of your Sales Navigator homepage.


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