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Why You Should Publish A LinkedIn Company Newsletter Featured Image

Why You Should Publish A LinkedIn Company Newsletter

LinkedIn’s newsletter feature helps you directly publish articles to your LinkedIn company page. Having a LinkedIn company newsletter will help you spread your brand message and increase your awareness on the platform. But, there are a number of reasons why you should publish your own. Here are the top reasons why you should publish a LinkedIn company newsletter. 

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Your Followers Will All Get a Request 

It can be hard starting fresh with a newsletter which is why LinkedIn has a feature to automatically invite all your followers to subscribe. It puts a lot of pressure on your first article and newsletter description, but it also gives you a helpful boost in subscribers. With LinkedIn events and connection requests, you have to personally invite each person, whereas this feature is automatic. So, you’ll have a great opportunity to immediately reach your entire follower base and hit them with a relevant article about your services. Showing you’re the leading experts on the topic of choice and with more publications, you’ll create more and more social proof. 

Articles work well not just on LinkedIn, but through search engines like Google. I’ve stumbled upon many different articles hosted on LinkedIn over certain keywords. These articles focused on value-boosting the visibility of your LinkedIn company newsletter not just on the platform itself, but on the broader search engines. 

How to Publish a Company Newsletter
  1. Go to your company page, click me on the top right and select the company name at the bottom
  2. Scroll down and click the + Symbol in the Newsletter Section 
  3. Add your newsletter title
  4. Write your description
  5. Upload your logo by clicking upload image, selecting your logo and clicking open
  6. Click Done 

Increasing Your Followers

Having more content on your company page will also help drive more organic traffic to your page and increase your number of followers. A larger number of followers on your company page means more chances for those people to engage with your profile and even become your best clients.

Having a LinkedIn company newsletter should be a part of your regular content schedule for your social media pages. These articles are your chance to really provide some value for your audience and re-enforce you truly understand your client’s needs, your industry and the solutions you provide.  


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