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Why You Should Create a Variety of Posts on LinkedIn Featured Image

Why You Should Create a Variety Of Posts On LinkedIn

If you are determined to build your brand and presence on LinkedIn, you need to create scroll-stopping and memorable content. To do this, you need an effective strategy and a lot of post ideas. Luckily, there are so many different types of posts that you can create and utilise to engage your audience. You might just want to stay in your comfort zone and stick to the posts that you know… Maybe, you’re used to an old-fashioned text post? Perhaps you’re a serial poll poster? Or, do you simply love a cat video? Whatever your go-to post is, it’s time to stray from the content that acts as a comfort blanket and start mixing up your content with a variety of posts. This is why you should create a variety of posts on LinkedIn…

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Create Conversation

Does it feel like you are talking to yourself on your posts? Whether you attempt to create conversation or not, sometimes it’s the type of post that attracts this type of engagement. For example, you may decide to post about a relevant topic to your audience and accompany this with a news article. You can open the floor to the audience and ask them what their thoughts are. 

Make It Personal 

Your audience wants to know who you are. They know all about your company and products/services. But, they don’t know the real you. Putting out personal posts enables your audience to get to know you that little bit better and you can even get to know them too. I’m not saying you’ve got to update people on what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, giving a sneak peek into your personality shows that you aren’t just a robot trying to sell to them; you’re a person with feelings and possibly a product they could benefit from. 

Showcase Your Offering in All Its Glory 

Do you have a visually pleasing product that you want to show off? There’s no point showcasing it in a text post. In this scenario, you could use an image or a video to accompany your post. Not only does this show potential customers what your product truly has to offer, but it also gives you a variety of posts to try out. 

Ask People What They Want 

If there is something you are curious to know, all you need to do is ask. In order to find out who your prospects are or find out what challenges they may be facing, why not put it in a poll? You can get so much out of polls and they have proven to be brilliant for engagement purposes. 

So, now are you ready to create a variety of posts on LinkedIn? Your content never has to be a snooze fest again once you start incorporating the variety of LinkedIn post formats made available. Mix them up every week and you’ll be creating scroll-stopping content in no time.


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