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Why You Should Learn How to Post on LinkedIn Featured Image

Why You Should Learn How to Post on LinkedIn

Sure, anyone can post online. We all know that. But, there’s a difference between posting for the sake of it and posting to create converting content and boost your brand. It can be hard to get your head around it, but creating successful content is much easier when you know why you should be doing it. That’s exactly what I’m here to do! So, here are three reasons why you should learn how to post on LinkedIn. 

Growth Titans

Learn From Your Posts

Optimising your posts on LinkedIn comes with plenty of benefits, but this one is probably the most underrated of all.

When you’re posting willy-nilly with no real end goal, your content can end up in the void – also known as the place where content goes to die. The void is full of posts that lack any real engagement and, thus, no one (especially your target audience) sees them. How are you supposed to know what works if no one is engaging with your content? And, even worse, it’s usually not even the content itself that’s flawed – it’s the execution.

So, learning how to post effectively on LinkedIn to optimise your content allows you to gain real insights from your audience and learn what they do or don’t like to see from you on socials. It also lets you understand what type of content reaches the most people, meaning that if you keep replicating that style, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Linkedfluencer. Quite a big benefit, I’d say!

Get More Leads

Everyone wants more leads, right? Well, you’re not going to get any with content that doesn’t convert. So, you need to learn how to optimise your posts.

You need to appeal to your audience by posting content that they’ll engage with instead of just throwing content at the wall and seeing what sticks. For example, posting about what you ate in a day will probably work wonders for all of the fitness and nutrition coaches out there. But, if you’re trying to sell your cybersecurity services? It’s probably best to think again…

So, how can you do it? It’s a two-fold approach that consists of identifying and then sharing. You need to find a middle ground between what you’re interested in posting and what your audience will want to see, and thus, engage with. Once you’ve got that down, you can start sharing relevant content (i.e blog posts, articles), hosting on-topic webinars and posting polls. This paves the way for you to build meaningful relationships with your connections and gives you the tools to turn them into leads. You won’t be doing that with content that doesn’t reach anyone…

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Let’s face it, first impressions can make or break your business. Especially on socials, where people can click off your profile as quickly as they clicked on it. So, there’s a lot of weight on your LinkedIn profile to present your brand in the best way possible.

Picture this: a prospect stumbles upon your LinkedIn profile when searching for someone providing a service that you offer. Clear header? Check. Packed description? Check. Relevant experience listed? Check check check. Then, they scroll down to your posts. Ah, that’s where the problem lies…

Potential clients want to see a thriving social presence, kind of like a warped version of TripAdvisor. Being able to see that others engage with you reassures them that they’re making the right choice in working with you. After all, no one wants to be making the wrong mistake. Especially when they’re paying for it. So, ensuring you know how to optimise your posts on LinkedIn gives your brand the ability to put your best foot forward and stand out to those leads.

There are so many benefits that come with optimising your posts on LinkedIn. So, what are you waiting for?

Let me know if you have any questions or are looking for any tips and tricks on generating content that converts!


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