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3 Reasons Why You Need to Turn Off Private Mode on LinkedIn Featured Image

3 Reasons Why You Need To Turn Off Private Mode On LinkedIn

Sometimes, we all want a little bit of privacy. But, when it comes to LinkedIn, being too private can come at a cost. So, if your profile is currently in private mode or you’re thinking about going private, you should reconsider… Here are three reasons why you need to turn off private mode on Linkedin. 

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Networking Opportunities 

The majority of people are on LinkedIn to do one thing…network. Being in private mode is like going to a networking event and wearing a mask – you just wouldn’t do that (unless the dress code requires it.) When you are browsing in private mode, you will appear in a person’s ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ section as a ‘LinkedIn Member’. No other information is given; not even your name. When you view someone’s profile without private mode on, the likelihood is, they are going to return the favour and view your profile back. They might even send you a connection request! You will also appear in the “People Also Viewed” section on other profiles. Being in private mode on LinkedIn can seriously hinder your networking opportunities. So, if you’re on LinkedIn to network, turn private mode off. 

Potential Clients 

Are you using LinkedIn to bring in revenue for your business? If your goal on LinkedIn is to find new and potential clients, you want them to know who you are. When a prospect sees your personal details, such as your name, tagline and image in their notifications, it enhances your presence and helps to capture their attention. Private mode reduces your chances of making potential business relationships, conversations and opportunities. So, if you’re on LinkedIn to find new business opportunities, turn private mode off. 

Content Engagement 

Considering that being in private mode limits your opportunities to network, this is going to have a direct impact on your engagement. If you aren’t growing your network, your content will have less reach and you are unlikely to get the engagement you hope for. Also, if you are putting our business specific-content, you want potential clients to see it, right? But, if you are viewing their profile in private mode, they won’t even know you’re on LinkedIn, let alone see your content. So, if you are putting out consistent content on LinkedIn to grow your reach and engagement, turn private mode off. 

At the end of the day, it is your choice whether you decide to be private on LinkedIn or not. However, LinkedIn is all about growing your network, creating business opportunities and putting out meaningful content. So, consider turning off private mode if you want to achieve all of the above. 

If you’re taking on my advice… The easiest way to turn off private mode is to go into your ‘Settings & Privacy’, click on ‘Visibility’ and then ‘Profile viewing options’. To be visible to everyone on LinkedIn, choose the option ‘Your name and headline’. 


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