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Why You Need to Stop Selling Your Services featured

Why You Need to Stop Selling Your Services

We all want to sell our products and services. We want them to sell so much we spend thousands on hiring experts, advertising and social selling data. Now of course I’m using the collective “we” being businesses across the world. More customers means greater revenue and more opportunities. But, you should stop selling your services. Not altogether, just the method you are using right now. I’ll tell you why. 

Take a look at your current sales method… 

When you outright promote a product or service, where and how do you do it? Do you post on social media to the world and hope something trickles through? Or do you send targeted emails one after another from a trusted list of prospects? What most expert salespeople will tell you is timing is everything. You want to send an email that will be opened. You want to catch that CEO in his office on the phone. So, getting your message seen is priority number one isn’t it? 


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Your message is just as important as the method

You could have a million people look at your sales post and a fraction of them will look further. To make that fraction an impressive figure you have to get the message right. Stop selling your services as they are. Start selling your services in what solution they hold. If you simply promote your services by spelling out what it does, you’re limiting your audience by making them connect the dots themselves. The failings of this method are even more apparent when it comes to sectors which many people don’t have an intensive understanding, such as cybersecurity or finance. 

Let’s compare two phrases: 

  • My cybersecurity application blocks calls
  • Are you having troubles with nuisance calls? This application can immediately remove them. 

The first statement is simple. It tells us what the application does, but doesn’t tell us why we need that feature in the first place. You could add “protects your phone by blocking calls”, but that doesn’t go far enough in letting the audience know why it’s an appealing feature. 

By first raising the problem of having nuisance calls you’ve set up your problem, then by explaining what the application does to solve the problem you are selling its abilities. It’s the solution to all your phone-call problems. What this also achieves is highlighting a problem which the client may not know they have until it’s addressed. The stone in your shoe doesn’t bother you all the time, but if you know it’s there it can become an unavoidable pain. 

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t sell your services. This means you shouldn’t sell your services as they come out of the box. Delve deeper into the solutions your service holds. If you need help unlocking your potential solution we’ve got several products on the Maverrik store that can help you.


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