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Why You Need An Account List On Sales Navigator Featured Image

Why You Need An Account List On Sales Navigator

An account list on Sales Navigator does a lot more than just saving a list of companies you’ve found using the prospecting tool. You’ll be able to receive updates, see who’s joined and really improve how you prospect by creating an account list on Sales Navigator. 

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What’s The Purpose Of An Account List? 

One of the key purposes of an Account list is to track the accounts you are targeting on Sales Navigator. These lists can be improved and send you alerts to changes in the list themselves. Saving you time searching for those companies again and again, and keeping all your prospects in one place. The changes can be anything from headcount growth to being featured in the news. 

Creating a New Account List

  • Click Lists from your Homepage, and select Lead Lists from the dropdown menu
  • Click Create Account list
  • Enter your List name and List Description
  • Click Create

You can also create a new list directly from within your search results by clicking Save, and then selecting create Account list. 

You can even upload your own CV file to popular your lead list. If you ever want to file the lists you have created click list on the top bar in the dropdown menu click lead lists and you’ll find all your saved lists. 

These lists will also contain Outreach Activities where you can view a complete history of your interactions with an account on LinkedIn. This includes Connection requests, InMails and SmartLinks. Highlighted by the dates they were, sent, accepted and clicked on. 

Do these lists affect Account Mapping? 

These account lists are your list of target companies, account mapping is your journey within 

those accounts, so your accounts list won’t affect how you use account mapping. What’s Account Mapping? It’s the journey you take on the platform to connect with decision-makers within corporations. 

What Happens Once You’ve Got The List? 

Once you have your list of the accounts you’ve saved within the list you can tailor your social selling strategy. Find out the best person to start engaging with and make your presence known within that account. With the right strategy, you’ll be able to connect your way up the chain and reach a team member ready to book a call interested in the services you provide. 

If you don’t know where to start with your account list on sales navigator think of 5 dream clients you’d love to work with and save them in your list. It’s much easier to fill a list than start one, so find your starting point at the top and work your way down to the accounts you know you can convert. 


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