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What You Need To Bring With You For The Accelerator Live featured image

What You Need To Bring With You For The Accelerator Live

Now you’ve booked your place for our latest accelerator live event there are a few things you’ll need to bring with you to get the most out of your experience. If you’re the type of person that likes to be prepared, this article is for you. 

LinkedIn Assessment

LinkedIn Account

As one of, if not the, biggest B2B platform in the world, LinkedIn is where a lot of our practices and methods will work the best. If you’re looking for the maximum result for your business ensure you have a fully completed and updated LinkedIn account, preferably with Sales Navigator. 

Why Sales Navigator? The tools you receive from the free version of LinkedIn pale in comparison to what you will receive from Sales Navigator. The ROI is much greater when you start using the platform and see consistent sales. 

Laptop / Mobile Device

There will be some live demonstrations which you can follow along. As well as websites and tools we use which would benefit you from bookmarking. There are a multitude of reasons to ensure you have access to the internet and a charged device. A notepad and pen would also be advisable, but taking notes on a device will help with spelling, grammar and legibility. Most importantly this means you can get started right away with implementing changes to any social media accounts. 


There are practices and advice which we take on as irrelevant at times. Jumping to conclusions where you have tried a method and it hasn’t yielded the results you were looking for. Often a simple change or new approach will land you the results you are looking for. But, you have to be willing to listen to them. If you’re reading this article you are already considering training which means this mindset isn’t new to you. Learning and training require some self-reflection that you are missing something. A mindset that can’t be trained, but needs to be adopted if you’re looking for greater sales results for your business. 


The Accelerator is a full day of sales implementation. To make the most out of your attendance you need to be able to give your time from start to finish. Each step you will learn throughout the day will help drive towards your social selling goals. Which of course means greater engagement, sales figures and business growth. There is no time to cut corners or speed-to-the-end for sales. 

These are the things you’ll need when you attend our Accelerator live. A quick breakdown… you need time, a laptop or mobile, a LinkedIn account and most importantly a mindset to learn. So if you’re “umming and “ahhing” about spending the day with the Maverrik Team, take the time and review our training materials. If you like our approach and need to improve your sales, find our nearest event and book in.  


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