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What Is The Schedule?

Expert in demand is a 9 to 5 day split into 4 sessions with implementation and discussion sessions. Designed to answer three key questions how do you elevate yourself over your competition? How do you build your crowd? And how do attract high-value clients? 

Preparation Session 

Before we get started you will need to answer a couple of questions to make your offering desirable, simple to communicate and valuable to your target audience… 

What are you selling? 

Who are you selling to? 

What’s your price point? 

These three questions seem simple, but get one of these wrong and you’ll be facing an uphill battle. After this section, you will be able to build your value ladder. The ladder demonstrates how much you charge, where you can charge higher prices and how to make those prices desirable for new clients. 

Building Your Crowd

Next, we run through building your crowd. Which channels will leave you the best return for your time and effort? How often should you be using these channels and the audience you need in order to achieve the results you’re looking for. 

This section is designed to help you focus on a platform and approach so the audience you create is responsive to your message. 

Elevate Your Authority 

Attracting higher-paying clients means you have to elevate yourself above the majority. This essentially means you won’t be involved in pitch wars, have to heavily discount your services or need to cold pitch. This is where you will create fans that will broadcast your marketing messages to the world and reinforce your credibility. Placing your profile directly in front of the right people. 

This is where you will start to carve out your own section of the market. 

Creating Your Own Demand

There is nothing worse than spending your time selling instead of delivering for your clients. You also want to work with those people who value your service, listen to your advice and achieve success with you. When your message is clear, your marketing on point and your sales messages target correctly you’ll be able to work with high-value clients that come to you. 

Content That Converts 

This takes us to the tools you can leverage to generate your demand. Where together we create content that converts followers into fans and fans into important clients. Content is your touch-points, landing pages and calls-to-action that generate the best results for the profile you’ve created. It’s where thought leadership is born, and how you can generate business sustainability with the clients you’re targeting. In this section, we create this content with you and show you guidelines and techniques to maintain the production of your content without burning out. 

90 Day Action Plan

Placing all this together we will then devise your 90-Day Action Plan. The steps you will take to become the Expert in Demand. With your message, mindset and approach fully developed and ready for action over the next three months. A strategy which can then be repeated as a complete social selling approach for your foreseeable future. Solidifying you as the go-to expert. 


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