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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using The Featured Section on LinkedIn Featured Image

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using The Featured Section on LinkedIn

Getting the most out of your LinkedIn means using all of its features to your advantage. But, too many people are forgetting about the LinkedIn Featured section. Here, you can feature past posts, LinkedIn articles and other external media. It enables you to add a whole lot more to your LinkedIn profile. Here are 3 reasons why you should start using the LinkedIn featured section…

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1. It Builds Your Personal Brand With Content

When it comes to networking and building professional relationships, there’s nowhere quite like LinkedIn. But, to get the most out of it, you need to build a strong personal identity for yourself on the platform. When people view your profile, it should tell them everything they need to know about your professional identity. But, can you really communicate all this in the “About Me” section? 

The LinkedIn Featured section can help. Think of it as a way to add depth to your profile. By featuring content that you feel exemplifies aspects of yourself such as your professional approach, interests and expertise, you can build on your professional identity. It allows people to both see who you are at a glance, and take a deeper look if they wish. 

2. Highlights Your Successes and Achievements 

It’s no good being self-conscious. LinkedIn is supposed to be about you- especially when it comes to your experience as a professional. The LinkedIn Featured section is a great way to show off your biggest achievements and successes, without it feeling boastful. Feature your best content, such as posts that you’re particularly proud of or performed exceptionally well. Or, posts that share your successful milestones, such as job anniversaries or promotions. 

When you showcase your successes and achievements in your LinkedIn Featured section, it’s the proof in the pudding. Anyone clicking on your profile will see you in your best light, straight away. 

3. It Will Entice Leads To Learn More About You

Are you using LinkedIn to drive traffic towards your business? If not, then you’re missing out. But, you’re also missing out if you’re not using the LinkedIn Featured section to help you do it. 

It’s a quick and visible way to drive traffic towards content that you know secures leads. If you’ve created a successful lead magnet, then add it to the featured section. Content that features reviews from satisfied customers could also be valuable to include. Anything that you have found to be successful at converting leads into clients is worth considering.

Potential leads could be lurking on your profile. So, by optimising the LinkedIn Featured section, you can hook them in. 

If you want your LinkedIn profile to be as effective as possible, then you should start using your LinkedIn Featured section. Not only can it help you to build your personal brand, but it can also showcase your biggest achievements, and even help to entice new leads towards your business. Once you establish what your goal is, you can start utilizing the LinkedIn Featured section to help you achieve it. 


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