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Why It’s Important to Add Experience to Your LinkedIn Profile Featured Image

Why It’s Important To Add Experience To Your LinkedIn Profile

Your experience is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. While your headline, profile picture and summary certainly grabs the attention of your audience, it’s your work experience that makes up the meat of your profile. After all, it’s where your leads look when they’re deciding if they want to work with you or not. So, if your LinkedIn profile is lacking, it may be time to revamp your experience. This is why it’s important to add experience to your LinkedIn profile.

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Show Off Your Accomplishments

Your work experience has only one goal: to show off your previous professional results in your career so far. It’s the perfect place to talk about your wins in previous roles, the targets you’ve met and what you’ve achieved – personally, and on behalf of your company. By showing your leads your previous work accomplishments, you’re giving them a reason to work with you too.

For instance, if you’ve helped software brands achieve some serious results, showcase those results by going into detail about your experience in that role. Other people looking to achieve the same results will pick up on this, making them more likely to want to work with you, too.

LinkedIn Isn’t Your CV

It’s important to remember that your LinkedIn profile is separate from your CV. They serve different purposes, so copying and pasting your experience from your CV to your profile isn’t going to cut it.

Whilst your CV is tailored to a specific job, your LinkedIn profile is going to be seen by countless people in a range of different industries. So, keeping it general, (and simple!) especially when embarking on a new job search, will be a sure way to keep your connections interested.

Keep Your Network In the Loop

When you start a new job, get a promotion or even found your own company, you’ll want to notify your network. 

LinkedIn lets you send a notification out to your connections when you have a career change or update, giving them the option to congratulate you. Choosing to share the news with your network also adds it to the activity tab on your profile, letting potential employers see the change as it happened. Helping boost your content results and profile analytics at the same time.

LinkedIn makes it really easy to add experience to your profile. On your profile, scroll down to the ‘Experience’ section and click the plus symbol. Here, you can add your information, and link your company’s LinkedIn page. Click ‘Save’ and it’s all done.


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