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Why You Should Turn On Creator Mode on LinkedIn Featured Image

Why You Should Turn On Creator Mode On LinkedIn

It can feel like everyone wants to be a content creator at the moment. But when you turn on LinkedIn’s Creator Mode, you can be well on your way to becoming one. The tool is targeted at those who regularly share professional content with their network, which demonstrates their skill and expertise, provokes thoughtful conversation and is dedicated to building a community. If that sounds like you, it might be worth flicking the switch.

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Grow Your Following

Did you know that it’s been estimated that 50% of your future connections on LinkedIn come from profile views? 

With Creator Mode turned on, your profile action automatically updates to ‘Follow’ instead of ‘Connect’. This helps you to grow your audience exponentially, but easily, too. In hand with this, the number of followers that you have is displayed on your profile for anyone to see. So, if you have a large following, this is a great way to illustrate that and boost your followers even more. This will improve your engagement and calls to action with hopefully more website clicks!

Establish Your Voice

Feel like showing off? Creator Mode lets you highlight your original posts front and centre on your LinkedIn profile. 

Further, than just giving you the ability to flex your muscles, the tool can help you establish your voice to your potential followers. You’re also able to add hashtags to your profile introduction to give your audience an insight into what topics you post about the most, ensuring you’re reaching your desired communities. 

Access New Tools and Features

Enabling Creator Mode gives you access to a few extra tools and features that have been proven to help you create better, more engaging content and grow your LinkedIn audience off the back of that.

You’re able to go live on LinkedIn and create a newsletter to distribute to your community on any topic you like – ideally one you’re passionate about. You can ensure that your content is seen with automated emails being sent to your audience, as well as in-app notifications. As a bonus, you also get put in the running to be featured as a suggested creator to follow to others.

It couldn’t be easier to enable creator mode on your LinkedIn profile. On your profile, you just need to scroll down to the resources section and click ‘Creator Mode’, followed by ‘Next’. Then, input your hashtags, click ‘Turn On’, and voila! You’re ready to go.


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