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The Importance of Adding Website Links to Your LinkedIn Profile Featured Image

The Importance Of Adding Website Links To Your LinkedIn Profile

Websites, blogs and lead magnets are all brilliant tools to increase engagement on LinkedIn and grow your business unless no one knows where to find them. Including the website links to these tools in your LinkedIn posts can help but it doesn’t guarantee that all of your potential prospects will see them. Pushing website links out in every post isn’t an option either because that is a guaranteed way to damage your LinkedIn engagement. How do you maintain the balance of business and engagement posts while still making sure your website links are readily available on LinkedIn? Keep reading to find out the importance of adding website links to your LinkedIn profile.

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External Link Suspicion 

Let’s be honest. How comfortable do you feel clicking unknown website links in posts or messages? LinkedIn specifically shortens links so it’s even harder for your audience to tell if the link is from a legitimate source at a glance. It also makes your job harder because only adding website links this way requires you to post them regularly. While you should definitely be posting consistently on LinkedIn, you need to be creating a variety of content.

Your audience is not the only one who doesn’t like external links. There is a chance that adding external website links to your posts will limit that post’s reach. Social media platforms want to keep people on their sites so posts that encourage people to leave are more likely to be brushed under the digital rug. When you do want to post about external website links, there are other options to achieve this.

Direct Traffic to Your Profile

Everything your connections and potential prospects needs to know is on your LinkedIn profile (or at least it should be). However, you’re not writing an autobiography so there is always going to be more you probably want to include. Anything extra that you want to share can be included by adding links to the top of your profile page. Once you’ve added your website links, you can then use posts with CTAs (Call to Action) that direct people toward your profile.

The benefits of adding website links to your LinkedIn profile are two-fold. Firstly, it adds legitimacy to them because everything about your profile should create trust. It also means that people don’t necessarily have to see your posts in the feed. They may come across your profile thanks to the suggested connection section on LinkedIn. This brings us to the second benefit of adding website links to your profile. The more traffic your profile has, the more likely LinkedIn is to suggest it to people on the platform.

So, if you have external website links, this is why it’s important to add them to your LinkedIn profile. You can display up to three website links in the introduction section of your profile so make sure you are always putting your best links forward.


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