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Top 4 Streaming Tools To Use On LinkedIn Featured Image

Top 4 Streaming Tools To Use on LinkedIn

If a picture speaks a thousand words, what more could you communicate with your audience through video? Various studies have concluded that people retain more information from videos than they do from text which has led to a large increase in businesses using streaming tools. These streaming tools are being used by influencers, marketers, podcasters and entrepreneurs alike. But, which streaming tool is the right one for you? To get you started, I’ve put together a list of the top 4 streaming tools to use on LinkedIn.

Growth Titans


At its core, Restream is all about empowering brands to create and connect through live video. What started as a free product in 2015 has grown into a streaming tool used by more than 5,000 streamers worldwide. Founders, Andrew Surzhynskyi and Alexander Khuda have created a robust ecosystem of tools that helps a variety of industries utilise video, including technology, sports, media and music. 

Restream is a great streaming tool for people or businesses just starting out with video content. Their products include all the basic tools you need to produce quality video content as well as access to analytics to measure your success.


– Basic = Free

– Standard = $16 per month

– Professional = $41 per month 

– Premium = $83 per month 

– Business = $249 per month 

Website / LinkedIn


If you’re worried that introducing video content into your business might ruin the human connection you have with your customers then check out Socialive. While they have everything you need to remotely record, produce and live stream broadcast-quality video at scale, they are a human-first streaming tool. The all-in-one platform is powered by technology that allows businesses to access enterprise-wide communications but their goal is to promote the people, not the tech.

That’s why Socialive has become a scaleable and secure choice for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 1000 to high-growth startups across every industry.

Price: No price on website

Socialive’s motto of “video is the language of business, we help you speak it” is reflected in their price. It’s a tailored streaming tool with the price based on the number of users, contributors, distribution channels, video storage and customer success.

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There are streaming tools that make creating video content easy for anyone and StreamYard is one of those tools. Speaking in front of a camera (especially live) is nerve-wracking if you have no prior experience. Even after years of doing it, those pre-stream jitters might never completely disappear. StreamYard wants to move beyond the picture-perfect content and rehearsed scripts to help people share authentic stories and real human moments. 

StreamYard’s easy live streaming and recording tools, ability to multistream to many platforms at once and interact with viewers has made them the #1 rated live stream software on G2.


– Free option

– Basic = $25 per month

– Professional = $49 per month

Website / LinkedIn

Switcher Studio

One of the biggest things that stops businesses from utilising video content on LinkedIn is technology. No one wants to produce low-quality content just for the sake of it but not everyone has access to recording or software equipment either. With Switcher Studio all you need is your iPhone or iPad. Unlike the others on this list, Switcher Studio is an app-only streaming tool. From the single app you can create virtual experiences, live selling and host a podcast among a variety of things.

Switcher Studio has stated that they are a company willing to be challenged, honest about owning up to mistakes and encourage feedback from their customers. It’s a simple, creative and accessible solution that is tailored to fit customer needs.


– Business = $99 per month

– Studio = $49 per month

Website / LinkedIn

Streaming tools are an excellent way to increase your engagement on LinkedIn and attract your ideal customers. Video content allows you to cover much more in just a few minutes than countless text posts. It’s definitely not something that should be overused but when utilised correctly (and with the right streaming tools) it will be a vital asset to your business.

To recap, the top 4 streaming tools on LinkedIn are:

  • Restream
  • Socialive
  • StreamYard
  • Switcher Studio

I can’t encourage you enough to go and check out these top 4 streaming tools on LinkedIn and don’t forget that Maverrik has loads of articles about utilising video content.


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