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How To Create a Great Webinar

With the business event world still very much digital there are a variety of webinars, social media mixers and hangouts across the world. Some are better than others, which is the nature of everything, but there are a few things you can do to make your webinar stand out from the rest. Here is how you can create a great webinar. 

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The Content is Key 

First and foremost, you need to understand that people will attend your webinar for the content. The only time they will come for the personality is when the audience is already established and the keynote speakers have been announced. Let’s be honest this is a handful of us at best. This means you need to bring people together over the topic at hand. 

In our weekly free webcasts, we make sure it’s plain and simple why people should attend. What to sell on LinkedIn? Come to Selling on LinkedIn. Want to build a Personal Brand, attend Build a Personal Brand. Make sure your content will resonate with your audience. 

If the headline of your webinar is too generic or it’s unclear what will be presented you will have a harder time marketing your event. To create a great webinar you need a good turnout. 

Maintaining Attention 

There is a stark dropoff point for Webinars that don’t keep audiences attention. Don’t forget where you are presenting, the internet. One of the biggest forms of distraction there can be. With suggested content, social media sites and constant notifications. You might even be playing in the background yourself. So you need to keep your audience engaged throughout your webinar. If you want to create a great webinar it has to demand attention. Talk about topics that matter to your audience and ask questions. One of the best things about webinars is the ability to talk directly to your audience. So use that interactivity to grab and keep attention. 

Call To Action

Finally, you need a solid call to action if you’re looking to maximise the impact of your webinar. Creating a great webinar shouldn’t just be for the benefit of your audience. It needs to benefit your business as well. Otherwise, you’ll put in a lot of effort to create, marketing and put on a great event for your efforts to fall by the wayside.

What makes a good call to action? Simplicity. Don’t bombard your audience with lengthy instructions. The simpler you make your call to action the better. Contact us, Subscribe, Follow, Click on the link below. All these are examples of simple calls to action. 

Over time you’ll be able to truly perfect your style and formula for webinars, but you have to get over the hurdle of running your first webinar. It can be daunting and you’ll be nervous, but the leads it can generate and the conversations you can get started will be amazing for your business. To create a great webinar you first need to create a good webinar.


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