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The Types of Sales Navigator Accounts

If you’ve got access to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, you may or may not be aware that there are different types of accounts and plans available. These each follow different price points but it’s important to know what these entail to choose the best plan for you. 

Based on what and how you’re selling you can choose from Sales Navigator Professional, Team or Enterprise. 


The Tools Available

No matter which type of Sales Navigator you choose, you’ll always have access to a number of helpful tools not available via LinkedIn itself. The main difference is a much more powerful search. As well as the advanced search filters, you can yield a maximum of 2,500 profile per search for an unlimited number of searches. 

Found a few promising leads? LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to save up to 15 searches, an unlimited number of saved accounts and an unlimited number of lead recommendations. 

Sales Navigator Professional 

Now we can get into the different types of plans available with the first up being Professional. This is the cheapest plan available and it offers two handy features. 

You can save up to a maximum of 10,000 leads to organise and funnel into your sales process as and when required. You also receive 20 free InMail messages each month. InMail is Sales Navigator’s more advanced version of LinkedIn’s messaging feature which allows you to message people you’re not connected to. This is always handy if you’ve seen the ideal prospect but you’re not yet in a position to connect. 

Sales Navigator Team

Having access to Sales Navigator Team account allows you to assign ‘seats’ to each of the team members within your organisation. This works similarly to a wholesaler. You’ll save money by giving your team access to Sales Navigator in this way rather than individual memberships. 

There’s no limit to the number of seats that can be purchased and so it’s a plus no matter what size your organisation is and each type of seat comes with its own benefits. Got a member of the team who isn’t sure whether they’d utilise the platform well enough? Sales Navigator offers free trials for up to 10 users. 

A maximum of 10,000 leads can be saved per seat as well as 30 free InMail credits each month. 

Want to check how everyone’s getting on? It also offers detailed usage reporting so that you can monitor performance and even monitor the progress of unlimited Smart Links. 

Sales Navigator Enterprise

This is the highest subscription tier of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator which supports an enterprise-grade functionality. You not only gain an unlimited number of seats but each seat gets 10,000 leads and 50 InMail credits. 

TeamLink allows you to engage leads through your company’s network as well as offering the ability to add individuals to a TeamLink network without buying additional Sales Navigator seats. 

As with the previous subscription, performance monitoring, thanks to detailed usage reporting is available as well as unlimited Smart Links. 

The features unavailable in all other iterations of Sales Navigator, however, are advanced admin functionality. The first feature is single sign-on which allows your team to sign in to LinkedIn applications using their work logins rather than their personal LinkedIn logins. 

The second is Employee Directory Integration. In short, this just means that you’ve got a much greater admin functionality. 

Coming directly from LinkedIn:

“Employee Database Integration (EDI) allows your company to integrate its HRIS

employee data into LinkedIn applications. This data can then be used to authenticate

and manage your employees’ access to certain paid LinkedIn applications by your

system administrators”.

So, ultimately the choice is down to you. If you’ve been considering investing in a LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator account then there are plenty of options available to suit you.

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